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Current Events: Hospital Corruption

Fat and Sassy

Some hospitals lie about patients’ weight with broken equipment, or give them weight-gain substances mixed in with their medications, so they can overprescribe doses based on wight charts when passing out psychoactivating medications. In places where good drugs are distributed,… Read more…

Not You Too, Hawking!

Humorous Hawking

We don’t often get new insights into astrophysics, but I have one about Stephen Hawking that may tickle your fancy. In Hawking’s book, A Brief History of Time, a theory is expounded upon in which time slows down as you… Read more…

P.E. : Physics Education


Physics classes in high school are taught in such a way as to have a balance between the kinetic and the potential energy of a motive object in a “fixed system” at a given “fixed moment” in time. We then look at… Read more…

Medical-Psychiatric Myth, Bagged and Tagged (Medley)

Quack Doctor

Turn off  Audio Description (AD) on your TV if you get the impression that it is talking to you or following your thoughts or actions. It’s a free and sometimes automatic service for visually impaired viewers that follows their moves… Read more…

Crusty Old Lies

Po Po

Facial Recognition software is a total crash market because of phenotypal selective breeding, surgery, material coating, and interracial recognitional incomprehension. Fingerprinting is a total crash market because of skin engraving. DNA testing is a total crash market because of pre… Read more…

Sheepish Wordplay

Icelandic Sheep

Marry Mary? Quite contrary! Her fleeces: white as snow!

Inherent Virtue

Dog Chasing Tail

In his dialogue with Laches, Socrates attempts to overcome a pedagogical dillema. He is asked by a friend to train a student in the finer points of virtue. But can someone really teach another person to be virtuous? Socrates makes… Read more…

Irrational Numbers Are Stupid and Do Not Exist


In this post, I will be making the claim that all numbers are rational. Please excuse the math, and try to follow along if you can. Without further ado, let us examine this idea further. 1 is rational. .5 is… Read more…

Principal Motivation

Sir Isaac Newton

What if Newton’s Laws of Motion are sociologically derived arguments and not physical ones? Throw away all arguments of initial causes or creators; God wasn’t invited to this party. Each of the Newtonian laws is directly relatable to interpersonal interactions. As people, we often rely on what we deal… Read more…