This Doomsday Clock Design Purrs Like A Kitten

doomsday clocks

Amazing new product: Doomsday Clock!

The Doomsday Clock is really a Relativistic Time Minifabrication System Restore for the Universe.

By referencing time minifabrication shenanigans, we must look to accelerated Pocket Universes (Rapidly Expanding or contracting bubbles [or more generally, topologies] in space, with unusual physical properties and laws) as an example. The system restore element comes into play if you are willing to refactor all the elements of a universe based upon preexisting conditions, as an analogue to video game save files, when it has been observed that disaster is imminent.

The time in these fabricated pocket universes may pass faster or slower than our own surroundings’ time due to the principles discovered in the Michelson-Morley Experiment and Einstein’s Special Relativity Gedanken (i.e. gravitational acceleration generates time dilation). That is to say, if the pocket universe is smaller than our own, time passes faster, and if the pocket universe is bigger than our own, time passes slower. This leaves a temporal differentiation between the observer and the observed, whereby all other variables are held constant. As a result, identical results are produced in each universe, but at different rates of time. Ultimately, the system is capable of notifying the observer of their own doom, so as to avoid it. Many worlds. All in union. All in death. All saved.

Suggested Reading: P.E. – Physics Education,
Photo of Dell’s parteners at a recent Dell Corporate Event.
EMC² is the scariest formula ever, because it implies the existence of multiple universes from which energy can be drawn.
( (E=MC²) | (1 = (MC²)/E) ) ->
( (1 = (MC²)/E)*E²) | (1 = EMC²) | (1 = (MC²)(M)(C²)) ->
(1 = (M²(C^4)))
This calculation hinges on the observers ability to introduce energy into a closed system, and any multiple of E can be added, up to the entire total energy in the universe.

What we find is that (any amount of mass) times (the speed of light squared) equals to one, which is pretty much equivalent to “zero” as M and E approach infinity. Physically, this can be interpreted as a teensy tiny itsy bitsy, “Pocket Universe”, full of energy, but limited in both mass and volume M/V (see: singularities’ inflection points called the “Schwartzchild radius” for intel on what happens with the strong force nuclear bond when mass is large and volume is small), and speed C.

According to one colleague on facebook,

“The above equation only implies a fixed energy state, not pocket universe. A constant energy level isn’t scary either. Besides, it’s more complicated with the whole equation
E ²=(mc ²) ²+(pc) ².”

However, we must ask ouselves,
“Does our universe have momentum while expanding?”
The mass and lightspeed have to come from somewhere, but it all depends on whether you think the universe is infinite or not, and whether its entire mass can be included or not.
If you coincidentally take the limit of any equation you write as it expands to infinity, without fail, you find that people have put a lot of time and energy and speed and direction and work and cycles into this solution, and all they get out of it every time is the same “=1”.
“Nothing changes, we’re in a fixed energy level universe and there are beautiful undulations of energy within it.” declare those with eternalist mindsets.
Beautiful WEAPONIZED undulations of energy, in micro- AND macro-chosmal universes, may I remind you, with my long-suffering observations as a victim.

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Suggested Viewing containing Logical Fallacies (No Creationism and No Parallel or Intersecting Universes):

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