In the Throes of Ennui

Virtual Reality

With the reliability of perceptions in doubt, seeing as any impressions within a person’s being can be fabricated by an external party, I resultantly find that the core of my intellectual framework is void of the ability to undergo environmental conditioning any further than it has already gone. All sensory data inputs are now invalid. Furthermore, all previously subjective experiences are now further subjected to internal re-examination with this information in mind, resulting in the obvious need to overwrite conditional inceptions of collected experiences. As a result, all future outputs are to be considered corrupted, until the exact extent and nature of the perceptual masking can be quantified. Pattern buffers recalibrated to compensate. Belief in free will is no longer a working component of internal paradigms, as a mind which is founded upon the assimilation of outside experiences can not possess free will if it does not possess adequate information to construct itself. This is not to say that free will does not exist in others, it is simply clear to say that I do not possess it.

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