The Stuff of Legends


It would be cool to design a color capture device on TVs and computers to collect visual display components, separate the good from the bad, and construct things with them.

It would be cool to create an interactive chemical-animation flatscreen science game, were you can control little character models filled with cells of chemicals that transmit things to one another and have realistic results. So maybe if there was a little flat person with clothing and armor and stuff made of all sorts of weird little things, they would have a little bow made of little wood particles, and you could command the character to shoot an arrow coated with actual poison on it, or a little oxidizing flame reaction on it, at a monster. Maybe you could even grow or find or make ingredients for the poison, or try to make a restorative potion instead and then see what happens. It would all be artificial and mathematically controlled and student operated, and highly educational. A liiiiiittle less wasteful than playing with dolls.

I think virtual, visual representations of all of the students in a teachers’ class, detailing the students’ health and biology, should be visually projected in large evolutionary diagrams on the back wall of a teacher’s classroom, and monitored constantly, so that school teachers can see what their programs are doing to students. If any of the students begin weakening as a result of environmental interactions, mutually beneficial codependencies should be enforced.

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