The Intergalactic Secret Police


Alex Jones lives in my town. He misreported on my father’s death. The FBI raided my family’s house because my father ran the Palestinian Children’s Welfare Fund that passed out money and clothes and toys and planted trees and dug wells and stuff, but right wing websites like “MilitantIslamMonitor”DotCom put out reports claiming it was terror related. The FBI raided based on this contrary to the truth counterintelligence. I can only deduce from the limited number of parties involved that the militant islam monitor website notified the FBI of their imaginary suspicion after my father sued them for interfering with his business. When the story went public on the local news, Alex Jones reported on his radio show that it was Mossad that raided us, bringing more unwanted and incorrect information to the scene.

My dad died in mysterious circumstances a few years later, and the police ruled it a suicide even though his arms were bound and he was wrapped in packing tape. My father was notoriously messy with the packing tape he used to ship and sell his hand carved, olive-wood peace doves and other trinkets sourced from depressed Palestinian areas.

I didn’t get the message, and the government has me on mandated prescriptions from psychiatrists, and has repeatedly jailed me, sent armed officers after me to arrest me and beat me, and interrogates me every day for the last 10 years with intracranial remote operated speakers and microphones.

The only thing I can think of that would make them interested in me is my video game habit, but any schmuck with $1000 could buy and run the same setup as me, and I went to an elementary school named after an American general, FFS, and I am pretty much pressed into military service by dint of society’s available avenues of interaction with the world. Every where I turn, I see calls to violence, and I refuse to participate wholly, and spend most of my days reading and writing.

Before we were raided and my father was killed, I worked in the physics lab and was a physics major at the university of texas at austin. All my physics papers and school work, which I spent hundreds of hours on, were wiped out when the FBI confiscated my school labtop computer and searched it.

I don’t really have any options, and I have been living in absolute hell ever since the terror attacks broadcasted on cable news TV around 9-11, and before then, it was no walk in the park, as my name and family background made me stand out from my peers in school, and I was teased and picked on constantly until about 11th grade in high school (2000 AD), about the time that all of the cusses had dropped out, but then 9-11 was broadcast, and it was back in the boxing ring to take my whippings.

I have been a pacifist my whole life, and only commit acts of violence in video games, when I can be 100% assured that no one will be harmed. I have read Ender’s Game, and I am aware of the risks, but I would like to be held to the same standard as other gamers, and I don’t want to be singled out for an entire industry that refuses to play nice with society. If there were peaceful games, I would play them, but they are few and far between (Portal, Office Space: Idle Profits, even Braid is too violent for me because of the curb stomping). I refuse to be classified as mentally insane, although that is exactly what the world wants to accuse me of before it kills me on a mass scale.

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