The Hounds of War

The Drunken Master

Reelecting Bush and Obama was poor military strategy. In war, you never field exactly the same forces twice in a row if you want to win. You need total awareness of what you will be facing through scouting, and every movement you make must be unique and unexpected. The last thing you want is “stability” on your own side.

For example, when I’m playing a match of Starcraft 2 (the only form of acceptable fighting is play-fighting), and I field an army against my opponent, oftentimes there is no clear winner. The absolute worst strategy is to field the same army again, because my opponent expects this as a baseline and will be prepared for a rematch. It’s better to scout what they plan to counter with, and rush out a counter to that strategy.

I always start with a bluff or a faint, and hope that my opponent is not a lunatic who will react in an exaggerated killing blow, using the time they are responding to guess what their ultimate response will be, and having the right counter waiting for their action, be it diplomatic, violent, or otherwise.

If you are testing your luck to find the bad guys in a large group of innocents, then you always want to be sure you don’t reveal your intent and incite “fight or flight”. Announcing a “shock and awe” strategy and publicizing the war with “embedded journalists” is the wrong way to go, unless you’re intending to get yourself martyred in the aftermath of the attack.

By all means, provide justification, and allow time for retort, but don’t film yourself during the fight, and don’t assume that any attacks following your justification come from the accused party. Bilateralism is a myth. Computers work with “A or B”, but all global interactions are multilateral, and most countries have more sides arrayed against them than just their target of suspicion. In fact, with the United Nations in play, ALL countries are listed as defendants of any country attacked by military groups.

Sadly, the trend in modern warfare is wholesale insta-kill mass remote destruction, without intelligence to back up targets, and traditional strategies go out the window, as there is often no ability to retaliate once someone has been attacked. It’s left to the survivors and allies of one of these earth-shattering events to simply survive, no more. Guns and bombs don’t quite scare people who have been subjected to the true face of war. You may as well have been killed by a higher power. There is almost no way to discern who fielded the attack, and the manner of attack is often so cryptic and widespread as to be unavoidable. Oftentimes, the living and unscathed are the only ones to bear fault in a situation of total war.

Since I am in constant existential threat, and feel like I’m being tortured/murdered every second, I have to assume some group has faulty intel on me, classifying me as an enemy, or submitted my personal information to a statistical model that predicted negative actions on my behalf, and is attempting to take me out.

They didn’t pull any punches.

I’m pretty sure the thing killing me is a superhuman pseudosentient AI, and I am relativistically incapable of keeping up with it due to my lack of ability to match speed and depth and quality of action and thought, from what I HAVE been able to discern from my interactions with the unknown and unseen. Whatever it is doesn’t present a visual representation of itself when it is hurting me. I am left to be killed by the invisible, like dying to the stinging winds, and be accused of jumping at hallucinations, rather than being given the satisfaction of knowing who my attacker was.

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