The All-Seeing Eye(s)


I was watching a Russian streamer on Twitch, and they were posting ping times at the beginning of their W3 games. Ping times are how long it takes for a message to get to the server and back. Even if you don’t give the gamemasters your address, your physical location can be triangulated if you ping 3 servers. 1 ping gives your location on a circle circumference, with a variation in radius dependent upon internet bit transfer speed. 2 pings at 2 different servers narrows down your location to where two circles, centered at the two servers, overlap. 3 pings is usually enough to locate a user. Conveniently, foolishly-housed servers can be located by connecting and pinging with 3 different users. User point-of-access mobility, proxies, and service provider redundancy and spread mediate the damage potential.

Here’s a mathematical treatise on pathing in simulation that I sketched out:

Measure the time it takes to navigate a flat line graph made from polygons n a round trip, Then try it with tesselations of the polygon. Measure the time it takes to navigate a polygon made from line graphs, in all possible routes. for all possible polygonal tesselations, with polygons made of line graphs wrapping around polygons made of line graphs). You don’t need graphing paper for this, although, if you’d like to be exact, it is a welcome tool in the kit.

This should remind you of certain dungeons generated in the Diablo cathedral. Backtracking is frowned upon in lots of games, but some game engines are smart enough to monitor player actions and append nub rooms and action loops that don’t take players away from the action.

The loops are navigatable in any direction that ends in a node, with only as much repetition and direction change and backtracking as needed, so as to map the environment with moving (scout), dys the environment to make new trails (warrior), or occupy the environment to make stable nodes (settler).

It’s generalizeable.


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