Take Heed, Wild-Eyed Child of the Sun

I find, in the 21st century, that almost all newly conceived [nouns and forms and conspiracy-theories] are oftentimes deduceably true, despite their unlikelihood; it is now a cliche that the wildest fantasy can be seen as reality.
There are many possibilities for why this really is the case, possibly due to the size of the population of people and things working towards advancement leading to the rate of advancement outpacing the individual’s ability to comprehend change. Automating and perfecting workflows inherent to the nature of fabrication of reality from imagination has played a rule in this, I’m sure.
Who knows, maybe it ISN’T the case, and this is all just a new way of believing in things, and nothing has changed. But enough has been revealed to us, that things like the telephone, which would in the previous age have constituted mental illness if believed in, are now taken for granted as true, and even revised upon in such a manner so as to outperform human subjects in all manner of intelligence and utility metrics. Just a few of these technologies integrated with one another and working in tandem could generate novelties beyond the ken of any human to understand.
Despite the evidence to suggest that technology has advanced to this point, it is the metaphysical evidence of the [who, what, where, why, when, and how] of these factuating-fictions that remains a mystery. All we see is their effects, which are omni- and ever- present; and that leaves us uncertain of how to answer the aforementioned questions, perhaps by design, perhaps by a new nature of reality whereby investigation into corporate products and secrets is discouraged and punishable by death. I find that, even without investigation into the present, we may still utilize our knowledge of the more open-bodied, previous era’s bulwarks and monolithic paradigms, technologies, structures, and things to intuitively deduce which amongst them would lead to these factuating-fictional future techs when combined, revised, and honed. In the early days of engineering, we saw that two simple machines – the inclined plane and the wedge – were combined to create a new complex machine – the screw – to great effect. Combinations such as this only grow more useful and impactful as more advanced components are utilized in the calques.
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