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Fact Evidenceable by Massively Cooperative Fact-Assessor’s Consideration of the Multiple Competing Factories: Animators and Mathematics and Computers and Computer Software and Animatronic Printing and Assembly/

If you can describe it with mathematics, you can recreate it in physical reality with super-fast reproducability, down to animation of parts and content of matter, by use of computer simulations and morphocapable manufacturing of morphocapable artifices. Modern sensors can… Read more…

Tags Downed

Tagging of this site has determined the need for a multifont, all-inclusive, radially vectorized, 3D tag cloud search engine for this beast.

Attack of the Tags!

Run for your lives! They’re everywhere!

Updates to Site

I’m currently working on adding forums to the site to improve communication. It is not easy finding a third party plugin, because I don’t want users to hand over passwords or password algorithms to a third party and risk security… Read more…