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Gender Bender

A full majority of online comments fall into two categories: “Fake!” or “Gay!” Let’s examine this further. If you really think about it, there’s a discrete difference if it’s one, the other, or both at the same time. Say you’re male on a computer… Read more…

I Didn’t Know You Were A Smelter

Young-for-his-grade senior physcisist with high school sweetheart at fair: [Distracted by jewelry stand while talking about course credits] Let me buy you this ring [+silvered, + celtic]. Old-for-her-grade freshman student: Damn, How much credit do you have? Senior physicist: All… Read more…

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Ctrl + F > “sin” > Replace with > “turn on.” ∴ Transgressions against God are a turn on. Unfortunately, turn on(90) = 1.