System Reboot Often Imminent


Remember, boys and girls, ME AND EVERYONE ELSE can get as small as the smallest buckyball that can be built, which is infinitely small, given the propensity of buckyballzed universes to create smaller and smaller buckyballs. Buckyballs are like universes that can be printed and arranged in and ad infinitum, all evolve separately but under the same programming, and don’t have any compunctions with running using different universal laws.

A big caveat is that buckyballized individuals are essentially puppets for people who are running the interactions between the balls, for better or for worse. We all know that robots and androids powered by AI have the power to be smarter and stronger than regular people, so there’s no reason to believe that the use of a buckball-controlled universe wouldn’t be capable of leading to wonders and horrors, both.

Where to purchase matter reconfiguration tools?

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