Spring Cleaning for the Dictionary

Stretch Armstro ng


My gut instinct is “media-related”, but that seems overly complex.
“Medium” is for “aether”, or “the size between small and large”.
“Medial” is for “in the middle”.
“Mediary” is possible, but probably conflicts as a result of relation to “intermediary”, which means “mediator”/”person who acts as a go-between”
Tangential word associations include “Medusa”, the Greek snake-haired Fury, and the Arabic word “med” which means “stretch”/”lengthen”, and has its own word cluster relations, all with their own meanings, such as “itmadad” (“Please lay down and stretch out”), “madrassi” (“school”, or literally, “head stretching”) and “maddhi wa2t” (“Spend time on”)What an interesting word clusterfuck. “Med” has no business in the hands of “Md.s”.


Let’s end with a joke!What do you call a psychic midget who has escaped from prison? A small medium at large!

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