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The webpage with a little bit of everything, to keep you interested in, and entertained by, anything.

Please feel free (or forced!  ) to click “Read More…” to check out posts, and please do click back onto the main page when you are done by clicking or pressing the title bar.

At times, a “Sticky” post will be pinned in the top position, to draw attention to important news or features.

Don’t forget to use the “Older Entries” near the bottom of the main page layout, or the *Neighboring Link Titles* buttons from within a particular post, to examine with speed and efficiency any posts that were published further back, in the modern methodology that is webpage distribution.

Alternatively, you can check out our “Site Map” from the “Navigation Bar” at the top of the page, which has short “Links” to everything around the whole pile of work, all easily accessible in one place.

While most posts include pictures and text, there is a slight degree of utility in the categories in aforementioned “Navigation Bar”, which provides access to posts that are flagged as containing types of content that may interest you. For example, the “Pictures” category on the “Navigation Bar” is for pictures that have been inserted in the body of the post, at a higher resolution than the flavor pic, and which is usually freely sourced and grass-fed and organic (j/k). Interestingly, many of these preview pictures and post pictures were produced in-house, rather than being downloaded from open source stock photo catalogues!

If you get curious about a particular “Tag” (or “subject of interest”) we encourage you to utilize the “Search” feature, which we are now able to inspect for user interest, in order to help us analyze user needs and write more focused posts. There are several “Tag” search options along the right hand side of the page.



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