Reap What You Know (NSFW)

Cheetos Girl

What are the numbers for the monthly Cheeto harvest? Have we run out of styrofoam waste product yet? If we’re low on powdered cheese it’s not the end of the world. Just send out the nanobots to harvest it from the nearest landfill.

I could foreseeably see this type of gathering process happening via nanotechnological reclamation of lost Cheeto dust. Nanotechnology is very cool and very real, and the absurd possibilities for its use are endless. It surely beats eating genetically modified foods and risking sickness or death at the hands of vengeful science researchers for declaring their studies finding GM foods safe are faked.

At any rate, when our planet finally gives up the ghost and we run out of waste to eat, it’s back to eating people and sick animals. I hope you don’t class yourself as an animal, migrant worker, or infirm, else you might be at higher risk of falling victim to the gangs of mobsters roving in the streets looking for ribeye. Too bad all the milk was confiscated and turned into hydrogenated cheese product; what I wouldn’t give for a glass of milk from a domesticated animal (what about the cat?), or the crispy crunch of a home-grown vegetable… It’s the only healthy food left to humanity, now. That would make it high in irony.

Life is just a complicated configuration of Cheetos, most likely.

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