Quoth the Raven, …

Edgar Allan Poe – The Raven

If 90% of the internet went unhosted, or was replaced by dreck, would anyone notice? Just as you would never feel for thirst if faced with the loss of half an ocean of freshwater, the internet is so big that you might not ever find out if large portions of the internet went missing.

Spam Spectrum

Spam comes in many interesting and delightful varieties and makes up the majority of what is read in the modern age, but it’s still spam, and therefore unconsumable. We live in a world of closed-loop media networks, full of syndicates and circulars, and the information and media we are presented is often uniformly spoon-fed to us, the unwilling masses, despite our every protest for better. Does anyone have a key for this walled garden of fail we live in?

The Secret Garden





Do you have a special set of sites that you visit to escape from the drudgery? What are your favorite hard-to-reach places on the world wide web?

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