Not Too Friendly, but Technically Correct Speech

Hitler Speaking Technique

I don’t favor public speakers that use excessive amounts of ingressive speech patterns in their dialogues. Ingressive speech is all about the production of sound while sucking the vocal medium (usually air) INTO the lungs. It’s a good tactic for ensuring you don’t pass out from oxygen loss or hunger when speaking over long periods of time, but it makes it difficult to expel toxins and germs and weakens the speaker’s body over time due to pressure and ripping.  Ingressives can be especially dangerous if you are constantly surrounded by large numbers of potentially infectious strange people and things, like campaigners and travelers and city-dwellers often are. Circular breathing and speaking, where you produce sound on both the inhale and exhale is far superior for health and utilital efficiency. In medicinal or triage environments, a style that favors exgressives is preferred.

Suggested Listening: Tenacious D – Tenacious D – Inward Singing

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