No More Clowning In THIS Funhaus


I would like to see more Dude Soup covering the prevalence of interactive wireframe deepfake models to rip people off. The fad follows in the footsteps of MS Word 2002’s Clippy and Bonzai Buddy. My computer talks to me ALL THE TIME. The thing is…the sound plays intracranially, so if my speakers are broken, I can still hear, like, a Twitch or YouTube streamer ghosting around on the screen translucently and talking to me inside my head….Don’t get me started, but it needs to be dissected… It can get pretty shitty, because if you wear glasses/have eye surgery, they can import VR hallucinations of terrors into every waking moment. FYI, Funhaus HAS warped into my surroundings translucently, in the recent past, and fucked with me, but it stopped happening. Thanks for bringing this idea to your viewer’s attention so we can all talk about it like adults. I think one of the biggest limitations of pure VR simulation is the longing for physical touch, and immediate personal connection, that doesn’t happen with translucent wireframes. One corrolary: Like video game avatars resurrecting, it makes people immortal and cheapens the value of life, so there is very little protection for the VRs and they are used for medical experiments and military target practice. Like video games, those of us who have been scanned are placed in ALL vs. ONE hellscapes. Depending on how real you think Hollywood stories are, and whether they are based on actual stories, it ranges anywhere from simming a single person (“Sim0ne”) to an entire reality (“The Matrix”). In terms of robots taking jobs, it’s really hopeless. Expert positions like Md.s aren’t trusted to people any more, and all we have is shitty survey bots that only know how to sedate and euthanize, modeled after the Hologram doctor from Star Trek Voyager. A HUGE number of positions in society are relegated to do nothing, minimum service AIs that have no recognizance of facial features or history or nuance, and get it wrong EVERY fucking time.

Wish y’all had talked more about Adam’s comment regarding contact lens phone convergence, because that’s where the cutting edge technology is now.


Adam: The gradient on Strong Bad’s Eyes was made with the background art for Powerpoint on Windows 95. The song you weren’t allowed to repeat the name of was (Big pimpin’, spin the cheese!” by Puff Daddy or Master P or DJ Screw or something…;

Elyse: It’s pronounced MEEEM, not Me Me. You can also develop your own games on ([0]=68.ARDjpcEviBDra8b2QwYz7Jtx2L7XMxeqkz4w2XtFWnW2qMbdxEcy-
H-R );

James: I just bought Real Ultimate Power by Robert Hamburger from Barnes&Noble on your recommendation; Also James: First time I was scanned was for a live action green screen basketball game at Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas/Fort Worth in 1994.

Jon: I wish a robot could leave me the heck alone without demanding %10000000 of my life for equivalent maintenance as compared to what I could accomplish, better, if I did it myself. On animal crossing: Tom Nook will break your bank of personal time. Also Jon: I talk like a robot when I’m helping customers on tech support calls, so they get creeped out and think I’m a super sentient AI (I modeled my voice after the “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service,” lady.);

On what I’m looking forward to: I wish I still had the cojones to play Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3, and Wasteland 3 when they hit Steam, but I’ve been on an anti-violence, anti-gun streak in my personal life; I’m probably going to be spending my time at a new social media Arabic language content moderation job, and looking for love on OKCupid. Please forgive my incessant name-dropping, but that’s one of the things I love so much about their shows…).

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