Neighborhood Stimulus

Dollar Bills

The only way to escape the current high prices and spiraling unemployment caused by increased population is for businesses to hire above their expected needs for labor, allowing more liquid assets to be distributed into the local environment to counteract inequality, and find ways to monetarily compensate people who contribute to society.

I don’t think price fixing and real estate sales swaps will solve this as much as expansionist behavior. There is a severe lack of space for new development within the city proper, so the suburbs will only grow more packed as an inevitability of either corporate growth or new local businesses. Focusing on mid-term gains from low-level profits on static populations with trust and good rapport is more lucrative than fast and loose practices that leave customers looking for competitors.

Working from home is a possibility for employees, although it’s a dangerous, and therefore, rare endeavor. The thing is, digital interconnectedness keeps people apart from one another when technology fails or denies access to contacts and information. Really, local small and midsize business ventures have to step up to the plate and increase their ambitions for new shops and projects and employees to better serve the community and cement their city’s unique image.

The recent trillion-plus monetary stimulus provided by the Bank of Japan is an example of how countries need to operate in order to overcome and serve needy populations in times of disaster and crowding.

The notion of earmarked funds are often called into question when large sums of money are at play, as was the case in Japan, but steady and gainful employment for an appropriate cross-section of the city’s workers is a must at this point. Once basic needs are consistently met for the community through hiring, clean business, and job retention, there will need to be a focus on highly specialized jobs gained through scholarship, so the city can maintain it’s competitiveness without needing to cut into people’s wallets as a means of challenging competitors when businesses set about keeping margins cushy. I’m not sure the proposals of huge corporate tech centers are a good fit, as that may lead to short term gains in a system that is about to be replaced by digital purchases from digital wallets and individually-shipped products.

Too many college graduates are reduced to minimum wage jobs as-is, and many immigrants, documented and otherwise, are forced into dangerous and risky situations to earn the right to survive, when this “right” should be inborn and more accessible to all, so that people and society can excel and advance. Gouging on loans and bank errors and ID and card theft need to be kept out of the picture completely so that businesses and people can get to work hassle-free. Package theft and return scams are also a huge issue in modern economies.

Price, product, and value discrepancies with neighboring cities should be monitored closely in case of duplicitous behavior, poor behavioral record, price fixing, or gaming of local and regional retail economies by businesses in their dealings with customers and clients and societies. Everyone should be rewarded fairly for their work and get a good deal on what they’re buying. No one likes chasing after ads for fake or overpriced goods, because that wastes time and weakens productivity, and no one likes competing with businesses that cut corners or take advantage of people to get ahead, because that sets back communities that might otherwise generate novelties in business and culture. In both cases, we end up feeling like a broken zipper – all ups and downs with no stability or security. The collapse of the video game market during its golden age due to the insurgence of clone and knock-off products and software publisher shovelware comes to mind as a market example of type of thing that specifically needs to be avoided and even diligently prevented from happening again, not just in electronic software and hardware sales, but in all markets, if steady growth is to occur.

Ultimately, any taxes earned and spent through city projects should be directed immediately at ecologically friendly growth and maintaining a healthy positive fiscal system for all people.

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