My Read On The “Pandemic”

The Big Lebowski – Toe

Many falsehoods have been reported by the media on the subject of the 2020 pandemic. Here’s my quick, “Quote Recall”, of all I’ve said about the pandemic in the last year+:
1. Don’t wear a mask because of a pandemic. Wear a mask  to hide your identity and beat scanners/security cameras/internet facial recognition.
2. Deaths reported are cover-ups for uniformed soldiers from a foreign regime, all killing citizens ad infinitum, like a dedicated gardener prunes trees.
3. Dedicated gardeners pruning trees already wear masks.
4. In the past, we did nothing about SARS, Swine Flu, Avian Flu, West Nile Virus, AIDS, Ebola, Zika, Africanized Bees, Murder Wasps, West Nile Virus and the rest. The infections were all overseas. In the present, the media is just trying to follow the new “social media” wave of making stories more personal. It does so with non-anonymous databases of consumer information and data entry ranging anywhere from Madlibs to kill command forms. Sadly, though the story about COVID-19/Coronavirus/Germ/Handwashing/BoogaBooga is personal, it is still fake.
5. The vaccines are just a part of standard USA medical practice. Popping whiny little bitches with needles to take the piss (read: gas) out of them and sedate retards.

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