Mutants Welcome v. C

Right now, I’m trying to build a Nuka Cola & Cryo Cream “Floats” Space Bar in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Workshop \ Creation Club Mod System, as obtainable, and giftable, through the Steam ( web portal. I am concurrently designing a team of superheroes and personnel to occupy the virtual world. A list of challenges is being compiled. Vehicular loadouts and properties are being added. There is image capture work on the table, and video capture is vaporware until the system is tested. Once it is tested, streaming to contacts should be possible. A syntax briefing to help with reading strange grammars without all the lessons is in progress. We will soon have a walkthrough for the testbed of this project up on YouTube, pending Verizon and Spectrum network compatibility.








There are a few people wearing Pip Boy suits, which are loosely based on a Coca Cola drawing competition from the mid to late 80s with a Game Boy as a prize.
There are computers in the Space Bar (Computers Also Have Space Bars (  \ 😉 \ ; ) ) ).
The computers use game cartridges that are compatible on Pip Boy mobile armbands.
There are toy gun racks with Space themed energy weapons like the Cryolator ( Read: Ice Water Hose ) and Minigun ( Read: Bottle Rocket ). Pipe wrench inclusion subject to counter military liberation of extinction level technology that is used by The Claritins (see below).
There are some Alien Toy Plushies.
There are some Nuka Cola & Space themed posters on the wall.
There are some booths to sit and read and talk and drink and eat.
There are two Space Robots with flying jets (aquiring a third has been difficult to accomplish given current workload). I need the jets to produce Ice Cream Float Foam instead of Fire.
There is magazine stand with magazines about Robots (Mr. Handy, Robobrain, and Automatron) and Space Aliens (Zeta Invaders) and Superherous (The Unstoppables) for reading. I still need a few more types of magazines to round out the story. Possible topics can be found in the THE HOLISTIC METAPHYSICAL MARKETING TIE IN section below. (If you want to find something on your personal computer, copy what you’re looking for into your clipboard, then hold control and f on your keyboard at the same time, then paste what you copied into the search bar ) .
There is Pip Boy Bobblehead machine (Three bobbleheads currently in evidence. They are notoriously difficult to aquire). Bobbleheads can be purchased in real life.
There is a Juke Box, but it went missing in the Workshop, along with the ice machine, after placing and storing them.
There is a Space Rocket Trash Can.
There is a Nuka Cola Clock.

Consuming Cryo Cream and Cola Floats will give the Pip Boys super powers like not getting brain freeze from Cryo Cream or the Cryolator. Making the Floats unlocks a Perk called “Cryo Baby.” The Cryo Baby Perk makes the Pip Boy resistant to Cryo Damage from all sources, including Cryo Cream and Cryolator guns.
The Cryo Cream is made on-site with Milk, Ice, and a Chemistry Station. I need to find someone to make Flavor Syrups with the Fruits I’ve grown. The Flavor Syrups can be added to the Milk and Ice in the Chemistry Station to provide character bonuses (To Be Determined).
The Nuka Cola is made on-site with an Industrial Nuka Cola mixer. I need to find someone to fiddle with the ingredients list for the recipes. The recipe should be [Empty Bottle, Bottle Cap, Carbonated Water [Purified Water, Bubble Pack], Flavor Syrup].

The Cryo Floats are made on-site with Cryo Cream from a Glass Bowl with a Ladel, and Nuka Cola from a Pitcher, both into a Drinking Glass (Sorry, no coffee cups, unless they are clear and show contents!). Served with a [ Spoony Straw \ Strawy Spoon ] Utensil that looks like [ ===O ]. I need to find someone to model the [ ===O ] in the game and animate the character and item interactions and activities for the Cryo Cream Service. Remember: “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Iced Cream!”

The Site, Glass Bowls, Ladels, Nuka Cola Bottles, Glass Pitchers, Drinking Glasses, and [ Spoony Straw \ Strawy Spoon ] Utensils, Machines are cleaned on site with Purified Water. I need to find someone to animate the character and item interactions and activities for the cleaning process.

The Gardens for collecting and growing and harvesting Fruits and Vegetables are located on site. We can grow Taters, Corn, Mutfruit, Melons, Carrots, Razorgrain, and Trees. There are a few Nukable items that we have collected and can’t grow, for some reason, like Hubflowes and Berries. Growing them takes years of support, light being bearable with incompatible physiologies, and lots of water and flavor and love, to get them just stable and hard enough to be acceptably treated. I need to find someone to model the Flavor Syrup and someone to animate the character and item interactions and activities for Flavor Syrup extraction from harvested Fruits and Vegetables; someone to animate the character and item interactions for new Fruit and Vegetable growing; and someone to animate the character and item interactions and activities for Flavor Syrup implanting and distribution onto new territory, also metastatic and positive growth chart includable.

There are a few Candy items and Fruits that we want to add to the Cryo Creme and Cola Floats. We can call them Cryo Creme Carbon Cola Candy Floats. Cute. Candy types include Mentats, Gum Drops, Sugar Bombs, and Chocle Canes. I need to find someone to model the Candy and someone to animate the character and item interactions and activities for Candy mixing in floats from homemade or store-bought candy.

The Water Pumps and Purifiers for supplying Purified Water are located on site.

The Fusion Generators and Power Cables for powering the Machines are located on site.

The construction crew for Buildings and Furniture and Decorations is on site. We do not want the construction process to consume display items. We want the construction storage system fixed to return stored items in their original stored condition. We want the construction [ cration \ creation ] system to [ crate \ create ] items in new condition. We want the construction components to get measurements from the Yardstick and Pencil item. We need a Protractor for measuring angles during placement, a Bubble Level for checking flatness, and a Measuring Tape. We need a Labeler and an Unlabeler. We need the construction materials labeled with weight, height, length, and depth. We need a Math table for how many of a single Workshop / [ Building \ Cooking \ Workbench \ Desk \ Crafting \ Modding \ Mixing \ Designing \ *] item can be acquired for trade or barter with available resources. (Example: I live near a lake. I have 5 water pumps that use 4 power each. I have 7 power generators that provide 10 power each. That means I have 50 power more than I need. I want to buy a water purifier to supply all of the other participants in the community with purriied water. The water purifier comes in two sizes. The big water purifier takes twice the power of the little water purifier. I want the one that has a total tank and connector volume that is four times as big as the total tank volume of the 5 water pumps I already have. It is the big one. If I build the water purifier, it will use power, which I have. If I build the water purifier, it will cost a lot of other components. If I build it, people’s things stored in the SHARED workshop will disappear and I will get a water purifier. A lot of things that the purified water would be used for will go away, reducing my need for purified water, and making the lake bigger.) We need realistic salvage outputs from display items and realistic costs for raw materials. The game tells me I can set up a busted, ugly fence by salvaging a pencil and a screw. After I was released from cryo suspension after [no one knows how long], I was able to remove fallen trees from the road with the work crew. There are some bushes and shrubs and hedges that don’t produce any beneficial goods for me and block the installation of foundations. Foundations need to be bigger and fit together like Lego bricks with horizontal snaps. Foundations can not be placed without a terrain modifier to flatten or fill the hills in the region. There are a wide variety of methods for humanely housing chickens that don’t involve wooden frames and wire screens. There are already houses and roads in place.
Who’s getting too far ahead? So long, Sanctuary? Maybe I should look for a lot in Nuka World…I, uh, hope there are some empty lots in Nuka World. The restaurant idea was translated to Codsworth in item inventory. He didn’t really change his appearance, but I guess that just means I need modeller support. Still a little worried about the Ultima Online gameplay roots. Hectic.

I just hit the building limit in Sanctuary Hills as I was building a power armor storage bay for my Cryo Creme Carbon Cola Candy Floats “Space Bar” in Fallout 4.

Looks like I’m going to have to scope out the highly advertised Nexus Mods for some building amount and range relief and learn how to operate the mod system. The Steampowered team is probably STILL laughing at my use of the Creation Club and the C.C. Credits pay system for my modding.

Once I build the storage area, I should be able to import the armors from the storage “QA” area for free, without playing through dismal content. The “QA” area, accessible with console commands, has every inventory item in the game from every available build/mod. With the armors in storage, I can then move my power armor frame to the space bar temporarily, to get everything painted and specced with upgrades. I’m pretty sure I will need to install a storage container next to each displayed armor for character-specific, themed items.

I need the metal plating because of large amounts of underbrush, and intend to clear out the farms with the flamethrower, and have the minigun squirtgun for putting out the fire, and the cryolater running duel fire retardant, cooling ice water double duty. Then we could readily access the fruit in our farms to properly harvest all the produce for inclusion in a super buffing cryo cream carbon cola candy floats, that give you perks when you drink them.

As it stands, the game is single player, but I am trying to build a base for a group of 13 superheroes and I’m sure Fallout 4 modding will be taking place far into the future, so there’s still hope for [Gran Turismo and GTA 3+ and Interstate ’76] -style vehicle driving. Someone (Not me!) is going to have to be nice enough to heavily modify the in-game terrain to make it flatter and roadier. Maybe call up [Astroneer] ( and see how THEY do it. I have more [Suggested Games ] Links Nubs] (Just look for them at your local game boutique) at the ready if you want to try them out. You can also buy the Movies, along with the [Suggested Playing] in that section of this report if you Ctrl + F [Suggested Watching] or [Suggested Playing], if you play into the system and hook up your purchase requests to those software packages on,, or You might be lucky enough to find Fandom care packages related to streaming them on or adding them on

As an example of how long these things can take, Fallout:New Vegas came out over 6 years ago, and a mod JUST hit last week called Fallout: New California, for that engine, that heavily modifies the game to include lots of new content. Here’s hoping I can do something just as exciting, although I may need to join a professional modding community or business or organisation.


Console Manufacturing and Support














I want to get a New 3DS XL to support Fallout.
There are however, control considerations to playing an FPS on 3DS handheld. That is to say, as it stands, the D-Pad and analog stick are on the same side and need to be analog stick and D-Pad on left hand side , and Analog stick on right hand side. Right now, the 3DS and New 3DS XL and 3Di all have controller blockages stopping them from being FPS compatible. The analog sticks and D-Pads should be left side for moving with strafe, and right side for looking around at the camera from the player’s coordinate location. The 4 play buttons, “A, B, X, Y” should be on the right hand side, closer to the player than,and below the right analog stick. The buttons should be X for Run (While pressing a direction), Y for Hop / Jump(While pressing a direction) , A for Talk / Use / Interact / Confirm , & B for Use Item on object. Running in a direction and pressing jump causes a vault to be done. Holding Run button before pressing talk causes the player to load Friendly Interactions (Talk, Barter), and holding the Jump button before pressing talk causes the player to load Unfriendly Interactions (Steal, Taunt). The menu should be mapped to the Start button. The two shoulder buttons should be used for an interactive scrolling vertical marquee menu table that updates via console and wireless. Visually, the menu should have nested, variable supported functions ( Such as:
{Options} >
{ { Graphics } > (“Variable Quality And Speed” , “Scalable Quality And Speed” ) } ,
{ { Music } > { Playlist By Area } , { Volume By Area} } ,
{ { Voice } > { Playlist By Character } , { Volume By Character } } ,
{ { Fx } > { Playlist By Object } , { Volume By Object } } }
] ,

[ { Save } , { Load } ] ,

[ Credits ] ,

[ { Store } > [ { Buy } , { Sell } ,  { Account } ] ,

) .
The menu items should appear on the touch screen when the player presses start, which freezes or pauses the game.
After pressing the select button to bring up the in-game item menu, the player can move around and interact, AND look through their inventory and select items with A and go back with B, go up a level with X, and go down a level with Y, all done on the touch screen with select-scrolling. Select scrolling involves using the two shoulder buttons should be for an interactive horizontal marquee menu table that updates via console and wireless. The touch screen should also have item properties and characteristics shown on the secondary touch screen and cause changes and effects to appear on and make updates to the player HUD (Heads Up Display).
For exemple grati, a player might get lost while driving. They pull out their console, start the game, select load game, copy over their movements and interactions into the software, and when they reach present status location, they press select to bring up the items list, scroll through the menu with L & R and the ABXY menu buttons to find their mapping tool, and select it, then look at the Map on their touch screen to find their way back and upload their movements into the Mapping software.
The 3DS XL looks like the same manufacturing process as my DS Lite, from the plastics used in the unit. Have you tried it? I would like to know if the video cameras, sonar depth finders, swappable memory storage, and wireless connection have been fixed for user compatibility and safety…

If you think this is asking too much for a mod project, I direct you to watch this “Minty Pi” video:

If I were to pick and choose, I would want a tri-fold machine with two screens AND a keyboard. This is what a touchscreen with keyboard looks like:

Here’s a GPD 2 playing Fallout 4. The thing is, if it’s possible on this Game Pad Digital device to play Fallout 4, then Nintendo has really fallen behind in FPS gaming.

I am by no means an expert in anything other than the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS Lite competed with the Nintendo DS. After the DS Lite was released, the advertisement comments started calling the DS a “DS Phat”.

The DS Lite has some really good Mario games. I got my DS Lite and 3DS and cartridges from Toys R’ US and Best Buy and Wal Mart and

I originally got the DS Lite from Toys R’ Us, and the 3DS and 3 games from the Wal – Mart on Anderson Lane. I travelled by plane to another place. One of the games was lost and the 3DS was lost during the trip. When I got back, I called the support number and they could not find or replace it, so I repurchased 3 3DS handheld consoles to give 1 for myself and 1 for a friend in the hospital and 1 for a friend of the family.
I tried cartridges on the DS lite from Toys R’ Us, Best Buy, Wal Mart, and I tried cartridges on the 3DS from gAME oVER vIDEOGAMES, Wal – Mart, Toys R’ Us, and Best Buy (This is unverifiable, as there are hyperfast speed junkies swapping out product on a real-world, physical system of theft [editor’s note: We call them The Thievery Corporation])
The Best Buy near North I-35 had games with English labelling and apostrophic French on a single unit. Very shafty. They had Soccer and Brick Building and Petz and some other silly stuff. There is a Wal – Mart near Cameron Road North and I-35 that I did not check for games. There is a TOYS R’ US near Research & 183 that has limited game selection. had access to old games, imports, and games that are cheaper to find if easy to acquire elsewhere. I tried one game from Game Over Videogames and it was bad, so I returned it. I did not try shopping from GameStop.

I had a Samsung monitor from internet order from a retail redistribution place for Fallout 3 / 4 design and development. I’m having a hard time remembering where I got the map for the Best Buy North of I-35 and Cameron Wal – Mart. I gave the Best Buy North of I-35 and Cameron Wal – Mart my Samsung monitor and it was reassembled and cleaned in a TV Static Haze operation.

There was a TV static haze attack shortly thereafter.

This is all considered to be ancient history by many. Ancient life was unsurmountably hard.

Axiom Verge on Steam has a loose example of what the TV Static Haze looks like as presentable by one of the items in the game. In the Best Buy, it is a bunch of tiny and clear blocks that can move more quickly than I can react, through the air, and do tasks.

_?: Cubic Particle Gun from Axiom Verge

TV is a box that makes pictures. TV static is fast moving black and white squares in a box that can make pictures.

It’s a Static Hazolator.

If it targets a pervision, it can trick the person into doing tasks, if they are gullible.

If it targets a person’s vision, it can trick the person into doing tasks, if they are gullible and if the person with the Static Hazolator knows enough about the target to trick them. If more than one person’s vision is targetted at the same time, the Static Hazolator can trick them into doing and saying things for or against other people. The Static Hazolator can pick up and move things with Static Haze cubes. The Static Hazolator is denoted on bus stop signs with a Square full of black and white squares covered in clear plastic. You can download a QR Code app on a mobile device and take a picture of the Static Hazolator symbol at a bus stop to find details about the bus routes.

The Static Hazolator Cubes are big now. They are coming out of the screen that I am typing this on and hitting my body. The big fish eat the little ones. The little big fish eat the big littler ones that are littler than they used to be.

I think the only cure for this hazolator thing is impenetrable strong body condoms that can expose holes in the hostile haze deposits to access the truth of experience. These clouds can be as big as a Texas thunderstorm. Slim to none chance of survival on getting a roaming micro psychic assembler to stay put. I’m pretty much a roach to this thing and I want to be a pet roach. It is pretty much colored assembilatory QR codes, like from busses and soda wrappers. On the topic of QR and Cola and video game overlap, Coke started putting the barrel loader character from the Chrono Trigger robot factory XABY room, upside down, on their soft drink QR label.
A second, and less likely solution that is likely to take a much longer time for mitigation of hazolators is to update the difference engine interactions and difference engine predictions and scans to highest grade levels ( Difference Engine for Space Movement Without Interaction Difference Engine for Prediction Summation A Difference Engine for Prediction Summation B

In gratitude for you attention thus far, I present these for your perusal and edification:

Fallout 76 Perk Cards in Real Life

Another possible integration avenue? The perk cards from Fallout 76, printable on business cards, and scannable with a PipBoy like the Nintendo 3DS scans VR Cards to display characters that overlay space in the 3DS’s 3D Camera fields. The Fallout 76 perks look so CCG (Customizable Card Game) awesome! Pip boy integration by loading HoloCards is primed, from what I’ve seen done to simulate pip boys with | GameStop/Bethesda/Smartphone/Internet Corps. Play technology | .com products. Detection stuff like what’s done with the Nintendo 3DS 3D cards is primed, although there will need to be player specific upgrades to scanning a card, like maps, minigames, and quests; not just camera reality augmentation tomfoolery.


Now, let’s brainstorm and direct a few important characters in a power armor team I’m putting together for Fallout 4 creation club, and eventually, for Fallout 76.

If it’s not just a rumor.

I think the software developer Bethesda (Based in Washington D.C.) may have modded a grognard civil war revolution military sim to make Fallout 76, which is ANCIENT and FATAL prejudice. I’d like to lighten the mood in this mod and make lasting friends as well as turning enemies to the player’s side.

My Fallout 4 MOD i’s gonna be some pretty “christian magic” stuff; like coca cola powered by floating vanilla ice cream to make elevators and aeroplanes work without machined parts, and underground chocolate cave monsters who hoard gross candy animals that a player can recapture with christian wonders like Ice and Fire and Marbles and Television and Cars.
I have completed design for 13 power armor heroes to run around and do rad stuff. The enemies list is full, with the exception of Morphemes (Static Hazolator Victims) and Claritins (Invisible Pastafarian Zealots And Worshippers). I need to know if i left any holes that need to be filled out. I want that 32+ multiplayer magic, Nintendo.
I am now working on additional characters to round out the team, like assistive robots and NPCs to do work. I have a background in NPC and AI interactions to make this trivial, if the engine MOD tools are supportive of my work style.
I truly wish Fallout 4 was multiplayer and isometric, but barring that, I have an idea for a single player FPG / TPG ( First Person Game / Third Person Game) [ Ninja Turtles \ Power Rangers \ Chroma Squad \ X-Com \ … ] + [style] team of power armor antiheroes called “The Dozen Vaulters” {12-step programs and inspirational stories, et cetera} to play through a multiplayer Fallout 4 offering:

The Dozen Steppers

1) Vault suit paint job power armor (Hop) with vault jets and mapping helmet. Melee baseball bat, rocket launcher, and strength focus for directed crash landings. Uses cryo cream and nuka cola to levitate. Just got out of cryogenic suspension and working on getting his pilot’s license. No one knows why he was in the cooler, and he doesn’t remember. Always carries a few spans of rope in case someone needs to build an elevator or ramp up or down an impassible area.

2)Winterized legs paint job power armor (Fud) with cryolator for range and terrain modification, and ushanka hat and hockey stick melee to protect takeoff and landing zones for the vaulter. Refuses to swap out his hat for a uniform issue helmet. Strong believer in reincarnation, resurrection, and green mushrooms, a topic which is not broached lightly in synth polluted urban wastelands. Probably smart for hiding his Pipboy Holotape stash for so long.

3) Red and yellow paint job (Cuk) with flamer named Ruby Spray and cooking materials that come in handy when camping in the great outdoors. The only one technophobically monotechnical enough to carry a gauss rifle that won’t interfere with the rest of his muck. (Pez) loads his flamer fuel cans into the magnetic coil shaft after some tinkering, to supplement the usual heavy metal ordinance, all in exchange for a color and shape design rework so they stop getting confused with one another.

4) Scribe in magenta and gold explosive shielding power armor (Pez) that carries a turbocharged laser pistol that he never once pointed at a teacher, and some frog grenades he learned to strap together while covering his ass researching to disassemble and assemble weapons and armor collections. Addicted to anti-addiction pills.

5) Standard issue doctor / surgeon / healer (Med) in medical armor distro with needler, and plasma thrower that does lovely chemistry work and always gets targeted first by strategy-savvy skinjobs and turtleheads. Can swap out ammo types on his weapons between tranquilize, buff, and abrasion (multiple types of substances are targettable, such as military surgical grade steel, flesh and chitin, and antitracer for invisible threats). Thinks (Pez) is a lightweight who is a danger to himself and others.

6) Unarmed kung fu\karate\tai chi\mma\boxing\brawling\sewing master in black and white paintjob power armor (Pen) with power glove and sonic blasters to pump tunes and force ten gale airwaves. Carries around stacks of Holotapes for martial conditioning that never go out of style. Probably better at using a lance or spear than anyone else in the group, although no one will take up his offers for a challenge. Favorite food is dango and takoyaki surprise, but all anyone seems to have is iguana-on-a-stick.

7) Laser-point, sniper-scoped rifle tactician for backrow radio callouts and strategies in camouflage paintjob power armor (Pip) to hide all the loot he stole for the party while sneaking around. Hopefully, he can organize it all before he forgets what happened to his “lucky” canteen. (Tim) updates the camouflage with a stealth sleeve from the future, when (Pip) gets isolated from his team, and teaches (Pen) and (Tel) how to make them and make them hurt or help.  No need to call AA – “It’s just coke. I know which hole to put it in.” He knows who wants what in the group, down to the captured mutated critters they keep back in the mutation holding cells, which he strategically combines to either weaken or strengthen subjects with the help of (Tel). All this work isn’t easy; to do it, (Pip) uses Languology, Animal Whisperer, Geiger Counters, Holotapes about Mutation and Speciation Science that he updates with intel and passes to the group for targeting and combat bonuses, and long genealogical lists and tables outlining the breeding and preferences as a wasteland husbandry specialist.

8) Maintenance technician who got his start in waste engineering with orange and red power armor (Rep). Carries a super sledge and a drill with field service replaceable fittings. Not allowed to use the power tools any more, after that mishap 2 years back got his license limited, but that doesn’t stop him from using anything to fix everything. Most of the team has training in theoretical physics; (Rep) has theoretical training in physics, so there is a degree of parts compatibility work to do in keeping the team both diverse and unified technologically.

9.A) Cartographer with brown and tan leather ballistic combat armor (Map) that can also pilot a motorcycle (Rip) or trike (Tre) towed by (Squawk), while armed with a saddle-stored [ tire iron \ machete knife \ ball peen hammer \ … ] , and a hunting rifle mounted on the handle bars of the trike. Punk as fucking your sister to piss off your mom, but at least he knows all the good bars in town – those that don’t turn him away on sight. The brotherhood picked up (Map) based on his unique skills and mouldable attitude, and is still slowballing that power armor requisition form until they can verify exactly what the carking attitude problem is all about. The armor was wrecked after a raider gang destabilized him while scouting ahead of (Hos)’ van.

10.A) Big charismatic chap in brohood silver and green (Hos) that likes to talk a lot while running over deliveries in a lincoln towncar (Jazz), mercedes benz (Metal), volvo sedan (Classic), or delivery van (Squawk) with a shotgun rack and a magnum in the glove compartment in case something goes wrong and he lets his tongue slip too far while chatting up the occassional passenger or client. Try not to ask him about the secret mansized safe he keeps back at base, or the seat cushion he used after disappearing with a fare.

11) Workshop architect for building work in yellow and black paint (Cat) with a spanner for close encounters and a minigun requisitioned from the defense turrets (rocket, laser gatling, water pressure, chainsaw, and ballistic round configurations available with help from (Pez) and (Rep)). His non-combat, utility arm functions include concrete dispersal hose, auto pushbrooms, auto mops, and spin buffer attachments, all at scientifically maximum configuration using techniques with gear and motors and belts and pulleys and two way winches and levers and cantilevers. Upgrades the party’s base regularly with new additions, although, sometimes, gear must be exchanged to pay the construction tab. Thanks to good morale, and tight unit cooperation from cohabitation, complaining is minimal, resupply is easy, with some exceptions, and no one seems to mind his dollhouse fixation… as far as he knows.

12) Network agent in hardened power armor painted purple and white (Tel) with static hazolator to mod pipboys for the team and hypnotize enemies and friends with tellies’ stories powered by sentient swarm artificially personal hivemind ai haptic telly screens. Short stature to squeeze under the desk and prodigiously good at intimidating interrogations involving long periods of scanning, probing, and impersonating.

13) Lockpicker and Hacker in stealth equipped green and yellow (Zr0) with lockpicking power armor attachment (sometimes a long rest to case a joint, or a set of wirecutters, just isn’t enough) and data transfer interchange ports. (Zr0) realizes, as many of you don’t, that .45 is a music playback format, and NOT a carking projectile weapon loadout. High level. Don’t mess with him until you’re ready to pay his fees. As high tech as his skills may be, (Zr0) knows that shelf lives are just as inevitable as human ones, and prides himself on scouting out trade deals, and corporate jargon gets instantly translated into a format that he quickly and easily gets the better of. Please don’t mistake (Zr0) for a supermutant, despite his paintjob, or you might just find a baker’s dozen or so of heroes on your tail.

14) (Tim), the time traveller visits from time to time to outfit and organize the Dozen Steppers in ways they can neither see nor understand. Hooked on cronics, phonics, tonics, and ebonics. He’s a treat. Don’t ask me no more questions and he won’t tell you no more lies.

The Vehicles of the Dozen Steppers:

9.B.One) ( (Rip) the honda dirtbike ) is the vehicles of (Map). Only (Map) can ride (Rip). (Rip) has shoegaze / indie / emo and tension music embedded in the player helmet, not upgradeable via Holotape, although varied enough to listen to by buying new helmets, and a mountable and upgradeable variety of assault shotguns and hunting rifles, and includes a mobile mapping unit in the bike’s headlights that transfers to the driver’s Pipboy and heads up display. A variety of melee weapons are usable while riding (Rip), one such collection of which can be seen on the (Map) profile. (Rip) has low* inventory space, fair armor, the highest direction, high turning, high speed, and carries 1 party member.

9.B.Two) ( (Tre) the trike) ) is the vehicle of (Map). (Tre) is a standard issue, pilotable by anyone who has a license. (Tre) has classic rock and pop music, upgradeable via holotape, and a mountable and upgradeable variety of assault shotguns and hunting rifles. The trike’s headlights include a mobile mapping unit that transfers data to the driver’s pipboy and heads up display. A variety of melee weapons are usable while riding (Tre), one such collection of which can be seen on the (Map) profile. (Tre) is presented to the party along with construction schematics, as a gift by (Map) after his life is saved, and he rejoins the party. (Tre) has low inventory space, fair armor, the highest direction, medium turning, medium speed, and carries 1 party member, upgradeable to ( passenger \ navigator \ pilot ) with right and left sidecars.

10.B) (Jazz (the lincoln towncar)) is the starting vehicle of (Pip). (Jazz) has technoswing, big band, and honky tonk jazz varieties, all upgradeable via Holotape, and can carry out most of the missions in Act III of the story with gusto, with mountable and upgradeable long range sniper rifles and hood ornaments (snow plow \ spikes \ harvester). (Jazz) has fair inventory space, fair armor, high direction, fair turning&speed, and carries 5 party members and one hostile passenger in the trunk with the gear. He has frozen at the waist friend running the same racket in a BMW road car that’s got more horesepower for carrying things and less trunk space.

10.*) (Metal (the mercedes benz)) is a standard issue, pilotable by anyone who has a license. (Metal) has space metal, rap metal, heavy metal, classic metal, and alternative metal stations, along with highest user importation and customizeability, all upgradeable via Holotape, and is likely to be found in the highest variety of color combinations and component loadouts. (Metal) has average inventory space, medium armor, high direction, the highest turning&speed, and carries 4 party members.

6\12.D) (Classic (the volvo sedan \ station wagon)) is the starting vehicle of (Tel) and (Pen). (Pip) and (Zr0) are also handy drivers of (Classic). (Classic) has classical and orchestra stations, upgradeable via Holotape, and is a great collector of unique bargained goods and donations, which he keeps in his large trunk. (Classic) is upgradeable to a station wagon trunk. (Classic) has high inventory space, the highest armor, high direction, fair speed&turning, and can carry 4 party members and 1 passenger when upgraded to station wagon.

10.E) (Squawk (the delivery van)) is the starting vehicle of (Hos). (Squawk) has talk radio stations, upgradeable via Holotape, and transports the Dozen Steppers to missions and back with all their gear, and also carries construction material and finished product deliveries for (Cat) and (Pen) and (Rep). (Squawk) distributes Cryo Cream and Cola to make allies with people who might otherwise try to pull something, refills the party’s resources, and makes everyone cringe and laugh with his off kilter remarks. (Squawk) has the highest inventory space, high armor, average direction, low turning, and can carry 6 party members and 2 passengers.

1.F) ( Verte ( The Vertibird ) ) is the end-game air transport for the Dozen Steppers. (Verte) playes folk and bluegrass music, and gets the Dozen Steppers to any outland territory, over open turf and away from cities, and along empty freeways. Verts cabin can only be survived in power armor, for short spans, and hovering over unarmored and unprotected enemies and bogies causes their health to diminish, along with any actions taken by passengers in the cabin, or with the rocket and minigun attachments as used by the pilot’s, weapons crew’s, and navigator’s actions. (Verte) has low inventory space, high armor, high direction, average turning, and can carry 6 party members and tow 1 vehicle on its winch (with the exception of (Squawk)).

*) (Tub ( the boat ) ) is the starting watercraft for all wastelanders. ( Tub ) plays surf instrumental music, and gets the Dozen Steppers to any mission critical, waterbound site, all with the help of your friendly neighborhood boat NPC. Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times ( hands, too! ) and don’t touch the water – it’s icky.

Upgrade Functionality and Stat Progression

* The stat progression is Low > Average > Fair > High > Highest

+ The stat progression will soon be Lowest > Low > Medium > High > Highest, Poorest > Poor > Middle > Rich > Richest (Inventory) , Worst > Bad > Average > Good > Best, Ugliest > Ugly > Fair > Pretty > Prettiest, Weakest > Weak > Able > Strong > Strongest, 1 > 2 > 3 / 4 > 5 > 6 / 7 / 8 > 9 / 10,

++ The upgrade presence switches will soon be On / Off , There / Not There , 0 / 1 , Proficient / Deficient , Present / Not Present , Supported / Unsupported , Upgraded / Non Upgraded , Functional / Non Functional


The Enemies of the Dozen Steppers:

The Deathclaws

1) Giant deathclaws. Invisible deathclaws. Alpha deathclaws. Irradiated deathclaws. Behemoth deathclaws. Deathclaw nests. Deathclaw packs. Deathclaw vaults (Vault-tec will sell to anyone, these days). Someone call the magicians on the New Vegas strip; the Dozen Steppers need a deathclaw whisperer to make these things jump through a hoop for a leg, instead of killing you for an anything. You may think a deathclaw to be a simple critter with that little extra, and yet many rumors fly about, of deathclaws with societal advancements, physical \ spetial differentiation, and communication skills that don’t rely on a claw to your eyeballs and a free trip to the hospital.

The Super Mutants

2) Super mutants, including behemoths and nightkin, make the wasteland a scary and dangerous place. In addition, rumors abound that The Master has been reborn, and that the super mutants have conquered The Enclave and stolen their equipment with pressure placed on caravan trade routes. The turtleheads are back with a vengeance and up to their cheeky tricks. The super mutants drive a variety of open bed trucks full of either passengers or mutation catalysts, and eventually get around to monster truck rally & destruction derby models.

The Vehicles of the Super Mutants

2.B.One) ( (Mow) ( The flatbed truck ) ) is the Mutant Vehicle. (Mow) has Motown / funk radio stations. The supermutants use (Mow) to kidnap victims and ride in the back with weapons brandished.

2.B.Two) ( (Tow) ( The pickup truck ) ) is the Mutant Vehicle. (Mow) has funk radio stations. The supermutants use (Mow) to steal unattended and disabled vehicles. Quick – somebody call for backup!

2.B.Three) ( (Mon) ( The monster truck ) is the Behemoth Vehicle. Mon has Heavy Metal radio stations on the same frequency as (Metal). This vexes many. (Mon) has the ability to convert wastelanders into ghouls, or supermutants (if they are juicy enough), using a pool of mutant conversion tanks in the rear truck bed. Whenever (Mon) is around, there are likely to be at least a few (Mow) variants tailing closeby.

The Raiders

3) Raider armies and gangs of wasteland psychos that seek to take what they can get and never give anything but hurt, and the occasional designer drug, to be looted from their pack (before, during, or after the fight!).

The Institute of Technocracy

4.A) Synth corporations and institutes trying to assess control of the wasteland and rule with a cybernetic fist. The synths’ programming and control network needs work, and most of the Dozen Steppers are somewhat sympathetic to their plight, as the DS gang has the chops to restitutionalise many varieties of synths and bring them over to the Steppers’ side.

The Vehicles of the Institute of Technocracy

4.B.One) The Police Car

4.B.Two) The Ambulance

4.B.Three) The Fire Truck

4.B.Four) The SWAT Van

4.B.Five) The Helicopter

The Alien Covenancy

5) An Alien Invasion of physically diverse covenant soldiers, in response to the destruction of their initial wanamingo scout in Redding seen as an act of war. The Zetan “commander” is eventually revealed to be a hivemind of highly self-similar, miniscule Furbies \ Mogwai, potected by a secondary class of now-mutated and ever weakening wanamingoes who just went all-in?

The Toasters

6) Pre-war robots and machines that make the rest of this 10th gen garbage look like pattycakes from a Brahmin’s backside.

The Biomorphemes

7) Shapeshifters and morphemes have been terrorizing the wastes of late. Are they just one of (Tel)’s cover operations, or are they something new, altogether? The Hazolator and the Biomorphemes seem to co-occur at a higher-than-normal level. Maybe that rogue AI (Tel) wrestles with finally bought a 3D printer and made out like a killer, or maybe this is all just side effects from static haze implemented poorly.

The Claritins

8) The greatest enigma in the wastes may truly be the Claritins. They are a class of invisible beings and creatures, including tenticulites (vermicelli) and scythians (penne) and suckerwinderfabbers (pinwheel rotinis). The Claritins are not visible to the human eye, and recent advancements in synth technology allow the synths to see them, albeit translucently. The Dozen Steppers are attempting to adapt this technology to their own in some actionable way, and yet, synth technology is notoriously incompatible and black boxxy. The Claritins are clear, soft like hot tin, and eat anything and everything in their habitat for biomechanical conversion into mass resources.

The Critters

9) Critters like radscorpions, ants, yao guai, pigs, snakes, geckos, wasps, bloodbugs, doves, pigeons, grackles, parrots, deer, bighorn sheep, mantis, horned toads, goats, cattle, hounds, cats, squirrels, and more have all become mutated, and are now stranger than can be imagined. Their mutations have led to various changes in speed, behavior, appearance, size, coloration, and strength. Most are too dangerous for a simple Vault Dweller to deal with, and a Sole Survivor or Wanderer might have trouble getting ahead with all that action around, but the Dozen Steppers have the ability to capture critters with animal whispering, trapping, or non-lethal combat, and take the mutations back to the Space Bar. Once there, they can interrogate them for animal whisperer language advancement, study them with science for targeting weaknesses, phenotypically pair them with suitable partners to get more animals, or train amiable subjects or the tamed offspring of voilent ones to be pets that can be taken along on missions. (See Also: Friends of Yore)


Suggested Listening:

Benny Goodman
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Count Basie
Duke Ellington
The Ink Spots
Andrew Bird

If you don’t want to subscribe to a YouTube account and link up with Xefox Music’s awesome channel of glorious Electro Swing, here’s a sample of more of their tunes:


A Perfect Circle
Nine Inch Nails


Elliott Smith
Ben Kweller


Ask (Hos) about the tapes and where he gets them. Tell him you want to transfer them to your medium so you can get them solid and remember them. Offer a trade for the supplier’s name, and get their location from (Map). Upgrade their lyrics algorithm with help from (Tel) and get him to mix you a tape, or kill them with (Rip), (Pip), and two others based on strategic needs, pending (Tim) approval, player choice.

Surf Instrumental

Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
The Ventures
Chuck Berry
Milt Rogers
The Chantays
The Rumblers
The Surfaris

Classic Orchestral

Or was it Boltz. *Shrug* iono.

Classic Rock

Led Zeppelin
The Beatles
Van Halen
Stevie Ray Vaughan

Talk Radio

Car Talk


Dick Gaughan
Mumford and Sons

Motown and Funk

James Brown (latest and earliest)
The Police (nusic from their album)
The Villiage People (Roller Coaster)

Jazz and Funk

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Kool and the Gang

Honky Tonk Jazz

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Jerry Lee Lewis
Andrew Bird

Suggested Reading:

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” – Phillip K. Dick
“Starship Troopers,” -Robert Heinlein
“I, Robot” – Isaac Asimov
“Ninja Turtles” Comics
“Ren and Stimpy” Comics
“X-Men” Comics

Suggested Watching:

The Big Lebowski (The Wachowski Brothers)
The Matrix (The Wachowski Brothers)
Star Trek (All 1000 hours)
A Boy and His Dog
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Road
Ready Player One (Stephen Spielberg)
The City of Lost Children
The City of 1000 Planets
Indiana Jones (Stephen Spielberg)
Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson)
Lain: Serial Experiments
Gundam Wing
Black Hawk Down
Die Hard
I Am Legend
Terminator 4
District 9
Iron Man
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Ren and Stimpy
Enter the Dragon
Space Dandy
Rick & Morty
Back to the Future

Suggested Playing:
Fallout 1 for jokes. Fallout 2 for nostalgia. Fallout Tactics for combat. Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel for console. [ Wasteland 2 \ Planescape:Torment \ Torment:Tides of Numenera \ Baldur’s Gate \ Baldur’s Gate 2 \ Diablo 1, 2, 3, and expansions ] for alternate dimention. Fallout 3 for first person. Fallout: New Vegas for house wins (and if you’re not into that whole ‘brevity’ thing). Fallout 4 for workshop. Fallout 76, I don’t know yet, but if it’s anything like Interstate ’76 and grognard civil war games, I’ll be fine with it. Interstate ’76 and Rocket League for 3rd person vehicular action. [ Earthsiege \ Mechwarrior \ MissionForce:Cyberstorm ] for mech and body armor action. World of Warcraft for big legs and shoulders and class diversity. Star Wars: Galaxies for character creation and class diversity. Lego Marvel Super Heroes for terrain interaction and class diversity. Rockman for the power arm attachments. Giants: Citizen Kabuto for base building with jet packs. Ultima: Online for intellectual property models. Skyrim for developer engine cooperation. Tekken / Mortal Kombat / Street Fighter for character diversity in hand to hand combat (or leg to hand, if you’re Chun Li). Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto for engineering variety and multiplayer playstyle. Starcraft 2 for marketing and distribution interface ideas. Spore for character creation and evolution tricks. Road Rash for vehicular manslaughter and upgrade magic. Cuphead for music and art work. Braid for music and artwork. Fallout Shelter for music and artwork. Braid for music and artwork. Cortex Command for music and artwork. The MUD Avalon Online (confused with Ivarice, and Avarice), that has the best writing and adventuring writing presentation I have ever seen. I left out Pilliars of Eternity and Temple of Elemental Evil because I haven’t played them yet (See what I did there?)


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Smartphone Scale Mini Figures

Funko Pop Mini Figures (To be determined for production once the story and paining artists are requisitioned for model work)

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Steam In-Engine Screencaptures:

1) PipBoy Map Locations
2) Character Perks Samples
3) Item Collections (many more in game)
4) Custom Character Generation Engine
5) Sample In-engine Command Consoles
6) Settlement Vacation Photos


= = is

_ = Thing

(_) = Thing named _

_1 = Thing with [ _numbering ] = 1

_2 = Thing with [ _numbering ] 2

[ _1 / _2 ] = Self Similar Set containing _1 or _2

[ _1 , _2 ] = Self Similar Set containing _1 and _2

[ _ , (1) ] = Mixed Set containing a Thing _ and a Thing named 1

_1 and _2 = Items _1 and _2 from ordered list of _*

[ _1 “ampersand” _2] = [ _1 “ampersand” _2] =  [ 1 and 2 ] [ are both acquired at the same time and place , or in order at the same place , or at the same time in different places ]

[ _1 & _2] = _1 and _2 form a list that is ended with _2

[ _1 , _2, _3, … ] = List containing [ _1 and _2 and _3 and any number of _* Things]

[ _1 && _2 ] ] = _1 and _2 are both true at the same time. Order matters in what gets read first, so prioritize based on your intellectual needs.

_?-_2 = [ Joint _3 containing [some combination of properties of _1 and _2 ] = [ [ _2 ] ly , [ _2 ] ific, [ _2 ] ness, [ _2] olated , [ _2 ] izer ] + [ _1 ] ]

[ _1 ] + [ _2 ] = _1 also has the characteristic of _2 = [ [ _2 ] ous _1]

_? = Unknown Thing

[ _1 ] ous = [ The effect of _1 ]

[ _1 ] izer  = [ The ability to do _1]

[ _1 ] olator = [ The ability to convert another thing with physical variation of parameter _1 ]

_1 : _2) /nl _3 /nl . /nl . /nl . /nl )  = _1 can be further qualified or explained or intellectually reticulated and repeated by the steps of _2, _3, and so forth, as outlined by the additional steps in “…”

[ n l ] : New line as placed with Enter button that creates an invisible, measurable gap all the spaces to the right of the text line, forcing a gap between a line and what is directly parallel to it and underneath it, and allowing a user to continue to input in the newly created space, and used when Whitespace is not enabled or Formatting breaks down.

[ ind ] : Indent of text as placed with Tab button, or Five Spaces as placed with the Spacebar button, and used when Whitespace is not enabled or Formatting breaks down.

[ spa ] : Whitespace as placed with Spacebar button, and used to place an invisible, measurable gap between two quantities, and used when Whitespace is not enabled or Formatting breaks down.

Formatting : The collection of utilities and computerized additions to semantically and grammatically and syntactically embued text, the whole of which can be converted to Plain Text.

Plain Text : Just the letters of a book, without interactive features, filing, copying, or transfer upgrades.

by filling in the blanks known as _

[ _1 ] izer = [ Thing with ability to [ _1 ] ize / Do _1 ]

__? = Request for an unknown thing to be filled in at a later time and replace the “__?”, by the writer or readers given write access to the text.

[ style,]

* : Any number of things in the Self Similar Set of things described, which is anything and everything, when not modified.

(*) = Thing named * = any number of Things selected from the list of every Thing applicable

_* = Thing varied [ [ with , by ] \ [ with \ by ] ] \ [ = \ is ] \ [ is \ = ] ]  anything

[ _1 : _2 ] = _1 is explained further as having the [ Grammar , Semantic Properties ] of _2

_1 > _2 = _1 is greater in some indeterminate scale than _2

_1 < _2 = _1 is less in some indeterminate scale than _2

[ { _1 } > { _2 , _3 } ] : The set comprising _1 contains elements _2 and _3 in a nested format

— is an emdash

– is an endash

— is a double dash
_ is an underscore
__ is a blank

The Testbed For Virtual and Real World Interaction

Mod Update News 11/11/2018

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