Moreosity, then More Ol’ City

Fat and Sassy

Do not ever let morosity touch you hearts, friends. The more you do, the happier we will all be. Go forth and play with the effects of times from ALL over your history. Give attention to your childhood, your youth, your adulthood, and your deathly old age.

By becoming Morose, we cease to take part in the things we love to do. It makes us fill to the brim with unexamined superwonders, when a society as big as ours falls to morose hoarding on a large scale. I fear the next generation will be so inundated with unloved filth, of such wondrous qualital and proportional variance, that we will all fall to the inescapable, overbearing, attention grabbing, nihilistic, intellectually tangential, … – OVERBEARING overbearing – …drit that infects our every cell of rest and pleasure.

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