Methods of Apocalyptification


I am pretty sure I am being held responsible for what other people are saying.

If someone says something bad about a corporation, the corporation takes it out on me, then I say something bad about the corporation, then the corporation takes it out on the people who hear me.

Most corporate entities use workers with the same features doing the same activities in the same small environment that gets progressively worse over time, yet these workers have no mental recognizance or discernment or discrimination between clients from one chain store to the next. They *usually* do not remember how nice I was on the last visit or remember things I have said to them in the past. *Usually*, they share extortionary tactics from one chain store to the next, and stay ahead of the waves of fleeing customers, in a capacity of being pioneering civilization settlers, so that it is not possible to flee to a new area and start over without them. [Culture of disbelief and lies. Culture of blame and intimidation. Culture of killing and maiming. Culture of theft and sale. Yadda yadda yadda. Yadda yadda yadda. Yadda yadda yadda.]

There’s a pretty good chance I’m just being beamed lies of what people have said and done so I blame them, just like what’s being done to me, such that we all kill each other.

Theres a pretty good chance that there are many versions of me, in different places, with similar histories (fabricated) and actions (remote controlled) and bodies (fabricated).

There’s a pretty good chance I should not be focusing on things we all already know about. There’s a pretty good chance [I am not going to [hear or see or do] [any things [we all [don’t [already know about]]]]].

Existence is willing to fabricate zillions of identical existences for the sole purpose of making nasty identical pickles to be sold and eaten for dubious purposes. Existence is not willing to fabricate zillions of existences for good purposes. I do not know why this is the case.

If I go far far away, and find my residence again in situ, it is usually surrounded by the same very bad things that belong to my neighbors. If my neighbors leave behind bad things and move out or get slaughtered, I have to deal with the consequences of the bad things without knowing anything about them or about my neighbors who left them behind. If my neighbors bring a very bad thing that kills them AND me AND my other neighbors, and is smart, and moves around on its own, like what somehow happened, it will follow all of us wherever we go (so we shouldn’t go anywhere), and find all of us wherever we live (so we should present no easy access histories). If a friend of mine is reborn, and the city warps in things to accomodate them, and they were in a bad situation, and the things that warped in were bad, and they try to contact me, I will have a bad time.

Load a koala in scribblenauts. Load a cthulu in scribblenauts. The cthulu will kill most things. Make sure to also load enough things that don’ kill you or the koala or each other, to kill the cthulu.

Instead of recalling bad times, which are most of the times I have on recall, I want to recall good times. Everyone has to agree that the time was good. Most times, when I try to recall a good time, the situation has been reconfigured to be like a bad time.

Example: I try to remember a band practice that was fun. I cannot remember all the people in the band from the image in my mind. Some of the people who were in the band, including me, are doing things I don’t remember them doing when we were in the band together in the image in my mind, compared to the previous image.

Sometimes, I try to interact with a person. That person is in a different stage of their fabricated life than I am, and our lives are out of alignment. Sometimes, a bad thing happens to me or a person. My friends try to contact me AFTER the bad thing happened. They get the bad version of me. Sometimes, a bad thing happens to a person and I don’t know about it. I contact them and get an older version of the person that is still good. Sometimes, a bad thing happens to a person and I don’t know about it. I contact them and get an older version of the person that is bad. Sometimes, someone else lost their version of a person and takes mine. Sometimes, someone didn’t like their version of a person that I had a good version of, and hurts mine. Sometimes, people say a person did bad things when they didn’t. Sometimes, people say a person didn’t do bad things when they did.

Sometimes, it is someone else’s mind in my body. Sometimes, it is my mind in someone else’s body. Sometimes, it is someone else making me act. Sometimes, it is me making someone else act.

If you, uh, get the picture: I have been kidnapped by “emergency” (tonka toys) vehicles a lot of times and held for long times in very very bad places with lots and lots of very very bad things all around.
I did not like tonka toys when I was a little boy. People who liked tonka toys when they were little got real ones when they grew up, and fucking slaughtered the shit out of us with them.
Someone, uh, fucked up the game really bad and overwrote the saves.
Someone, uh, scanned people for target practice and propoganda and remote controlled them with sadists to scan people for target practice and propoganda and remote controlled them with sadists…
 It’s impossibly deep by now.
Someone, uh, monetized the shareware.
Someone, uh, deleted the tapes.
Someone, uh, dubbed the movie.
 Someone, uh, swapped the character models.
Someone, uh, mistranslated the script.
Someone, uh, exposed their family vacation photos while all of this was going on.
Someone, uh, made puppet armatures with all this technology to make people do things outside their control.
 Someone, uh, installed a network malware.
 Someone, uh, didn’t read the manual. Someone else, uh, forgot to include a manual when they resold their used garbage. Someone else, uh, wrote their own manual and loaded it on a weaponized device and placed it at point of sale.
Someone, uh, didn’t test for compatibility. Someone, uh, said it was compatible when it wasn’t.
 Someone, uh, installed a part with strings attached. Someone, uh, installed a part with no strings attached. Someone, uh, uninstalled a part.
Someone, uh, thought the sequel would be good.
 Someone, uh, modified the engine on the fly and the save file was, uh, non-transferrable, and the online cloud distributer, uh, didn’t want to bother with locally storing the save file and allowing for re-installation of the original engine and multiple concurrent builds all using the same save file. Someone tried really hard to be cool and rebuilt the save conditions with a trainer, but, uh, most of the progress was lost from uncorrect action monitoring storage tables.
Someone, uh, released without multiplayer support.
Someone, uh, ran out of storage space.
Someone, uh, released with no phone support, then uh, modified the engine on the fly, yadda yadda yadda, and the system lost all its connections, no one remembered how to connect the damn thing, there were a lot of bad connections, connection support was either overmoderated or under moderated by people who shit all over all concerned parties, and people who had nothing to do with it were banned or punished, and parts of the system were patched, but they had to remove, like, most of the things people liked to get to the broken element, and none of it worked as it was supposed to, then everyone working on it ran out of resources to make the thing from start, and no one wanted to play any more.
Someone, uh, monopolized the entire initial product offering.
Someone, uh, released an identically labelled metoo product.
Someone, uh, stopped creation of a good, popular product.
 Someone, uh, hired good people they don’t care about and blamed it on them.
 Someone, uh, proved there was no god by distibuting over a zillion films of a zillion different people all doing it the same exact wrong thing wrong.
 Someone, uh, gave up on fixing a buggy product and it still got released on a universal scale, and was overadvertised, overstocked, and oversold, and like, shit got really bad.
Someone, uh, called bad shit good shit.
 Bad shit that everyone, uh, thought was good was replaced with worse shit.
 Someone, uh, hypothesized that it was everyones’ job to do bad shit. It wasn’t but they, uh, sure proved their point.
 Someone, uh, didn’t make corrections. Someone, uh, made corrections and they were ignored. Someone, uh, didn’t take the corrections into account to modify their behavior. Someone, uh, misinterpreted the corrections and modified their behavior. Someone, uh, made miscorrections. Someone, uh, tried to self correct.
Someone, uh, didn’t link the film gigaparsecage properly. Someone, uh, put the film gigaparsecage in the wrong order.
Someone, uh, saw someone doing a bad thing and thought it would be a good idea to do the bad thing again. Other people, uh, followed suit, aiming to win the hand.
Someone was, uh, playing by their own set of rules.
Someone, uh, didn’t balance the level progression with the environmental variables for group size and twinks and modifications.
 Someone, uh, played to win in a competetive game of total annihilation.
Someone, uh, got stuck in the terrain. Someone, uh, gave them /noclip, and never took it away, so now the person who was previously stuck in the terrain is, uh, flying through objects very quickly and unrealistically.
Someone, uh, disabled /noclip while they were inside another thing.
The guild leader, uh, lagged out and D/C’ed on a quest raid boss drop.
Someone, uh, gave the newbs the upper hand. Someone, uh, created a new character and twinked and camped. The twinked items were, uh, not interacting properly with early game content.
 Someone, uh, loaded partially encrypted garbage .URLs on the shared chat server. Someone, uh, didn’t see them for what they were and deleted the shared and unshared chat logs and servers. Someone, uh, forgot to make copies. Someone, uh, forgot to notify chat participants that their chat partners were offline and they kept chatting. Someone who was not a chat participant, uh, read the chat logs. Someone, uh, tried to restore the deleted chat server and improperly connected it without updating failsafes and it broke down again and deleted all unsaved progress. Someone tried to resubmit deleted progress and got banned for spamming. Someone, uh, got a chat message, like, a REALLY fucking long time after the invitation went out and it got hidden in the old chat server. Someone, uh, didn’t leave a forwarding address and lost all their messages and connections. Someone, uh, mandated forwarding addresses. Someone, uh, sent an international message and got traced by strangers. Someone, uh, tried to get off the grid and left a forwarding address when they shouldn’t have and got traced by strangers. Someone, uh, didn’t include a mute button. Someone, uh, didn’t include a block button. Someone, uh, chatted with a complete stranger. Someone, uh, left the shared line open and unmonitored, unmodified, unmoderated for aeons. Someone, uh, got misdiagnosed with schizophrenia and hospitalized and mistreated (it wasn’t schizophrenia, it was an unblockable, unmuteable, tethered, tracking, growing, remote voice chat network). Someone, uh, spoofed a chat ID. Someone created a new chat account with similar hardware to someone who was in the logs and similar chat ID to someone who was in the logs and was, uh, banned for spoofing. Someone, uh, programmed a hyperfast, hypersmart, hyperanti, hypersonorous, hivemind chatbot to scam and kill people.
Someone, uh, spoke on other people’s behalf against their own self interest.
Someone, uh, got selfish with the life support systems.
Someone, uh, loaded a zillion versions of a broken, active civilization on the wrong terrain maps with wrong variables and constants at the exact point of its total annihilation and tried to make changes with intruders to see if they could figure out what went wrong. They, uh, got bored and changed the channel when they realized they weren’t good enough. It went, uh, unnoticed for aeons. Someone noticed and, uh, times had changed from yes sir to no sir, so something bigger and postcivilizational got loaded next to it to fuck that shit up. Shit, uh, yeah, uh, shit got fucked up. Somehow, uh, after all that fucking shit got all shitty and fucked up, down, left right, and back asswards, the fuckerloads got even more impossibly existential and bigger and smaller.
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