May You Find Shade and Water


Attached are photographs of the garden just East of the main building on UT campus. The plants are adapted for hot and dry environments. There are already scrub grasses and prickly pears in Westlake, but the other plants are sorely needed. The barrel cactus stores water. The succulents have medicinal use. The tree might be a myrtle, if I’m not mistaken. The flowering plants will keep the bees producing queens and honey. There also appears to be some form of lichen growing on the rocks, and I can see about getting a scraping and putting it in a jar for you. Perhaps we can work together to find specimens of each species for transplant. They would be very useful in increasing biodiversity and capturing water moisture from the air that the neighbors are consuming and wasting. If the aiyrs upstream are taking all the water and leaving you with nothing, an ecological foundation must be built that will help the land thrive and keep our lives from turning to dust around us. It’s not right that the beautiful place we visited every Friday has become so hot that it is no longer comfortable to endure in the daytime. We have been through much together and we can do what must be done to survive.

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