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Remember before there were 5.5 MegaPixel cameras, when digital photographs looked GRAINY? 5-6 MegaPixels for a photo is about the extreme low end for perfect visual clarity. What’s to be said of all these 13-14 MegaPixel cameras that are available today? What does that additional pixelrate achieve? Well, for one thing, the shutter is set to double capture of images over an eye-sensetive range, to make it possible to see animations from the images being played in succession, and to make low-level 3D projection possible. That takes about 5-6 of the added 8-9 MegaPixels in the camera. So what about the remaining 3 MegaPixels to be accounted for in the upgrade? Well, those, you see, are reserved for those things you CAN’T see, as in frequencies or wavelengths of light that are not visible to the human eye. It’s like the difference between mono and stereo accounting for half the usage, and the difference between a high pass filter being on or off accounting for the remainder of the MegaPixel usage. I, personally, don’t want anything more than 5 MegaPixels, because the technology becomes potentially dangerous after that point, as more recent technologies are often paired with worse and more harmful products that have shorter lifespans.

Remember, thanks goes to Lowe’s for the ceiling fan.

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