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There are some problems with the site that I need help implementing. I work at a loss providing content, and earned exactly $50 from donations in over 5 years of content creation and sharing, so I just need some help getting the web frameworks implemented.

1. Predictive Search Applied To Tags, Titles, Posts, Image File Names

2. Tag Gallery That Shows All Photos Sourced From All Posts That Contain A Particular Tag

3. Comments Not Appearing For Writer ( See: https://www.renaissancemusings.com/the-nuclear-option/ )

4. Public Clickcounts ( See: https://www.renaissancemusings.com/mirror-mirror-on-the-wall/ )

5. Tag Venn Diagram That Shows Posts For Two Different Tags In Two Separate Lists And A Third List That Shows Posts That Contain Both Tags. Generalize To More Than Two Tags, Recursively, Space Permitting. Request for posts with overlapping tags MIGHT be used to generate new content, based on user requests.

6. Facebook Post Embedding

7. Twitter Profile Embedding

8. Subdomain Organization ( See: https://www.renaissancemusings.com/dont-phase-me-bro/ )

9. List Of Outgoing Links

10. List Of Incoming Links

11. More robust user accounts that save profile information and user posts. This should conform to modern social media standards, and be somewhat superior to what sites like Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, G+, and Twitter offer. Special “Writer” accounts that let people post to the WordPress theme on the main page, if they are brought on as writers.

12. .PDF, .TXT, and .DOCX support for posts to be downloaded onto other machines. Once this is done, a post collection for download of the entire site, with all .urls and images and videos et cetera included in a clean presentation.

13. Pin the search button on the Total Tag Zone scroll panel so it is always visible at the bottom of the panel.

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