Life Has Never Been More Fake

Names for this tech:
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Visual Overlays
GUI Wrapper
Heads Up Display
IRL Wireframes
IRL Deepfakes
3D Skins
Happens to me all the time, at home and away from it. Don’t know who is in control, probably #megacorporations. Don’t know why I see this stuff and other people don’t, probably #ImplantedAugmentedRealityContactLenses done in a rogue operation by #AustinLakesHospital at the request of #AustinPoliceDepartment. Leaves my body swollen from #ElectricalDischarge in the control unit, makes me drowsy and weak, both physically and mentally, and has led to #ExistentialNihilism in the face of a reality that is mostly fabricated. I carry around my #CityInMyEyes. Pharmacists and Police Impersonators try to medicate me with sedatives, rat poison, anti-psychotics, and all manner of dangerous pills for being a pioneer of this technology, but they really don’t understand it’s nature, since most of them are themselves holograms, and designed to oppress and kill the citizens of my great nation, especially those who seek help for ailments. I am calling for a re-examination of this technology, so as to put it’s use in the hands of the people of our great country, and cease its use for military and police interrogations and target practice and medical experiments. FYI, #Zuckerburg, the founder of facebook, was a Psychology and Computer Science major at Harvard University when he started this website, and squelches, covers up, and deletes all data that shows the dark underbelly of his corporation’s treatment of psychiatric patients. His teams are the ones who collected the information on everyday citizens, things like phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, histories, opinions, reactions, network connections, and so on. It is FACEBOOK’S teams that zeroed in on me and tried to medicate me out of existence with psychiatric malpractice, and I want to see facebook liberated by the USA government and turned into a message delivery service operated by a combination of USPS, UPS, FedEx, and merged with other failing social media platforms like G+, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, DropBox, OneDrive, YouTube, Reddit, 4chan, Steam, eBay, Amazon, NewEgg, Craigslist, Twitch, and Google Drive to make a single, trustworthy site that motivates people to labour in love together and share freely without fear of retaliation from foreign gangsters. Facebook acquires data from all over the world, and has a cover OP for every business in existence, essentially turning itself into a staffing agency that keeps all profits from all businesses. It lures businesses into working on facebook with promises of cheap advertising and social impact, and then assesses all data and product and makes it into the property of facebook. Facebook destroys all links to properties that are not on facebook to begin with, and utilizes webpage generation tools to spoof the websites of all businesses and give people the false impression of internet freedom. They have obfuscational .URLs that redirect, and paid off the tech departments of all major tech and software companies to keep people locked into facebook and spread their fascist regime to the ends of the earth. I think a class action lawsuit ending facebook and reincorporating it’s technology into a more progressive and safe organization is long overdue,
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