Jacked Up And Good To Go

Eye on Dollar

If prices go up 60%, like they did, then sales tax collection goes up 60%. The increase in price leads to further increase in taxation and government tax collection, allowing for more city to be built. What manner of city services will be implemented, though? Inevitably, as has happened for the last 15 years, post-[turn of the century], it results in more halfhearted corporate [construction projects and ripoffs]. This all takes place in a city that doesn’t want to spend anything more on corporations, because there are already too many, and they are too redundant. Furthermore, there are very few corporations offering products that aren’t completely disposable. It seems a lot of things priced over $10 don’t last more than about 5 minutes… but there is some good news: The pricing on products doesn’t seem to take lifespan into account. That means you might be able to buy a lunch for $25, but you might also be able to find a television video console, or some other vital computing component, brand new and current, for $25. This is by no means the case, overall, as some parts are still so expensive as to be unattainable, and yet, it offers hope in a largely wasteful market. It is left to purchasers to spend intelligently on food and housing and and clothing and utilities, all necessities, of course, but all overpriced. This leaves a small weekly amount that can be spent on products that are not disposable, and allows people to enrich their lives in small ways every so often, and acquire some of those worldly possessions the media advertising corporations so wrongfully disdain.

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