Is All Really Fair in Love (and War)?


I suspect that society believes a person has just one chance to get it right in matters of love. Without instruction or practice, we are expected to fall in love and stay in love by instinct alone. If we lose it though, that’s it. Society expects us to pay for the mistake of being less than superhuman by never approaching love again. That’s my impression from growing up in a family that did not talk about partnership and emotions. Like many, my parents were divorced when I was very young, and they avoided the topic throughout my life, even when I sought direct guidance. Don’t let your fear overcome you in love. Throw caution into the wind and try – then try again if you, fail until loving feels as natural to you as breathing. Just don’t let naysayers and baggage keep you from moving on and always seeking for more, as is the case in all areas of life, people would rather see a person fail so that they would have more for themselves. As I dream of the most delicious bowl of ice cream I have never eaten, I bid you to have some, too, and promise I won’t lie to make it seem like it’s not worth it, because even through all the hardship, it is.

Suggested Listening – Zwan – Of a Broken Heart


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