I’ll Take A Regular, Please

As dangerous as it is to blame something on someone else, or declare innocence for a bad act, lest your words be taken out of context, it could be worse. At their core, these ratty behaviors are almost always used to make it look like it is the accuser commanding a bad act, or admitting to one. How, then, could it be worse? Well, it is even more dangerous to blame or apologize with irregular verbs that don’t conjugate past/present with an “-ed”, or vowel shift. That’s because there’s more room for confusion of time. It’s also more dangerous to say these types of things with words that don’t conjugate singular/plural “-s/-es” in subject-verb agreement.
The original problem typically exists as a result of confusion of subject/object reversal and instruction/prohibition reversal and is a part of a trick used by obfuscationists to make the world a worse place for everyone. In effect, enforced silences, censorship, or outright skinjobbing can make you into a pariah for even REPEATING something related to an enforceable negative command, or curse.
So, don’t bother copying your elder’s or peer’s or dependant’s speech until you’re sure they don’t get in to too much trouble for talking, otherwise, your innocent and just statements might be taken out of context. If you DO end up repeating something someone has said, or make an effort to produce original communications, find out if you can teach your elders, peers, and dependants to be better as a means of support of society and the language we all share.
Foul language isn’t funny, so I would appreciate it if you took the following examples as a RESPONSIBLE PERSON would, to make the situation of SPEECH, and the related enforced REALITY to be good for all involved. The ban hammer is mighty, beware.

1. Statement
2. Obfuscation 1
3. Obfuscation 2
I don’t eat poo.
”    ”    Eat poo!
I    ”    eat poo.
I saw Andy eat poo.
”   ”        ”   Eat poo!
I   ”        ”   eat poo.
Andy ate poo.
No trick, because eat/ate past/present subject/object vowel change disagreement.
I didn’t shit.
I    ”     shit.
”    ”     Shit!
I saw Andy shit.
I   ”       ”     shit.
”   ”       ”    Shit!
Andy shit.
    ”    Shit!
(This is past tense, and there is *THAT MUCH* more room for trickery as a result of the increase in scope of the verb, since there is no form of the past tense, like “Shitted” or “Shat”)
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