Idle Thought:

Idle Thought:

I was reviewing Twitch Recordings, Commenting on YouTube Videos, [{Reading}^1 and {Wishing] I had something responsible to post} on {Twitter}^1, and Avoiding LinkedIn with all my might this morning. I type a lot, and I fear a lot of my opinions are just [the product of decades’ worth of [[dreams] and [[telephone [piped into my skull]]]]].

Throughout all of this work, my Twitter ban was blockading my generation of blurbs, and my workflow was hippity hoppity as a result. Many great ideas were lost to memory evaporation.

Upon reactivation of Twitter, I plan to metaphorically bang my skull against a crystal rock, looking for a way to search my entire corpus for posts containing at least one colon (“:”), because those are amongst my best AND most derivative work.

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