I Thank the Muses


It is an auspicious day. The RetroFates are in full swing.

Id est, a lot of strange events from the past originated from moments during this day. (In which case my futile life is destined to regress into anarchy due to cognitive incompleteness in the face of retrogradely nascient events)
Or this day has emulated retellings of their occurrences. (In which case I am both being watched and being overwatchful in, and in and of, the past)
And they were but fondly held memories, in disregard of currents in the stream of consciousness and the stream of life. (In which case the streams known and the streams no longer felt yearn but to meet once more in the love seen towards another)
If only veritas could be held from reversing Cassandra’s insightful eyes to dwell upon the past and not the future, and in doing so, keep the echoing chambers of time from manifestation of destiny unknown (as a result of Janissary thought reversal), into destination of manifested causality (as a consequence of temporal linearity).
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