I Hope I Wake Up After This


I just woke up from another round of lucid dreaming. I had a nightmare that I was blind, waking up in my bed over and over again, and stumbling blindly to find the door, but failing, because it was too far away. The cat was in my dream, sleeping on the bed next to me in total darkness, felt, but not seen. He was a fuzzy reassurance in a world of night. In the haze, I felt alongside the wall and found a sideways door. I opened it and rolled inside, only to feel husky scraping at my flesh. Warp. I was back in bed and I could hear, but not see, my sister coming home. The house was different. I clawed my way towards her voice and she seemed surprised to see me approach. Warp. I was back in bed and a strange cat was attacking me and Andy. I leapt up and grabbed the end of the bed, rolling it against the side of the wall on wheels, until I could find the doorknob. The bed’s hedboard broke the doorknob and I was stuck inside the room. Warp. I was laying in utter blackness in my sheets again, but this time, a black cat blacker than the night was hanging upside down from the curtains. It’s eyes flashed LED-red and mechanical scythes sprouted from it’s collar, finicking around like a shrimp’s feelers. Warp. I am laying in bed again, now fully aware that I am dreaming. I can hear my mother in another room, showing the house to a potential buyer. I call to her, and she comes into my room and hugs me. I can’t see, I tell her, then I awaken. What then? ACTUALLY crawl out of bed, make a sandwich, smoke a ciggy, and post my dream to Facebook and Reddit. Or am I?

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