I Didn’t Know You Were A Smelter

Nuclear Reaction

Young-for-his-grade senior physcisist with high school sweetheart at fair: [Distracted by jewelry stand while talking about course credits] Let me buy you this ring [+silvered, + celtic].
Old-for-her-grade freshman student: Damn, How much credit do you have?
Senior physicist: All of it.
Sweetheart: [Thinking of kisses]: Why don’t you get me something I’ll remember?
Twelfth grader: [Never been kissed, thinking of kissing, suddenly]: Don’t worry about it, you’ll need this when you build your first positron emitter.
High school freshman: [Crestfallen]: What’s a positron emitter for?
High school freshman-lover [Thinking to himself self-critically: A replacement for good memories]. You’ll just have to trust me.
Moral: Love does not last in person, only in memory. Most people realize that even the fantastic things in life are merely a distraction from enjoying love with one another and making memories, passed on from one distracted person to the next.

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