Hard-up, Creeped-out Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster



Cookie monster stopped by my house today and started using my computer. He thought he was in a café/bakery and went bananas, just flailing his arms and shouting at the computer. Here’s a description of how it went down:

Oooh, dis wun haz cursors.

Can you bring me the spellcheck?

$4000 for deez cookies? I am not signing for that!

Show me your cookie license.

This JAVA! I not ask for coffee.

Bring me more cookies, I decide which one I like.

This cookie the SAME. I no like this cookie. Bring me fresh cookie with no stuffing.

What you mean cookie handler rejected? Did you no see me put cookie in my face? Cookie was handled carefully.


(Allow all cookies)

Ooooooh. Allow All Cookie monster not feel so good. Me going to go clear temp file.

After this exchange he emptied his stomach of my expensive hardware and left. I’m still picking up the pieces from his outburst. I think I just found half my motherboard under the couch. The allow all cookies monster strikes again. Better reformat the hard drive. If only I had someone tough to back me up…

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