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A Clockwork Orange – Alex

The top #WorstMemories invading my personal space while I’m trying to zone out and work (In no particular order):

1) Drinking sprite on the bed in Older Rita’s room (A.K.A. Mademoiselle Rita), while watching static on the T.V. as a baby.

2) The orange cat that followed me home from the gas station that was stalking me as its prey, and I grabbed by the tail and threw in the living room when I was a little boy.

3) Mademoiselle Rita Hamad sucking my tongue in the living room when I was a little boy.

4) Getting an injection for cow pox or chicken pox or something stupid like that in La Petite.

5) Watching The Land Before Time with Mademoiselle Rita Hamad.

6) The orange haired girl who hit me on the back in La Petite, followed by Riad and Diana picking me up and blaming it on me.

7) The elephant at the San Antonio zoo taking a peanut from my hand.

8) Shamu from Sea World splashing us with water and bumping us through the glass viewing area.

9) The straight long haired girl Elizabeth, at Saint Christopher’s, who tripped me and caused me to hit my head on the table corner, followed by the surgeon at the hospital who stitched my eye with a curved silver needle and thread, while I was awake, after wrapping me in a blanket.

10) The camel I saw in Austin with Baba, before moving to Bahrain, and the camel in Bahrain that I rode, while Baba took a picture of me.

11) The little blonde curly haired girl Lora, from Saint Christopher’s, showing me her pussy, that was a dick torn off by a zipper (I’m guessing) in 1st grade.

12) Being killed and brought back to life, to be killed.

13) The sewing teacher at Saint Christopher’s instructing me to stab myself in the finger with a needle.

15) The first time I ate Japanese food with the family on Baba’s business trip to Japan. I ate a Shrimp Tempura ass and he laughed and told me to bite the head off, first. Once I found out it was an animal and had a face, I stopped eating it because it made me feel like a bad guy.

14) Sami Saati biting the head of a gecko and feeding a mouse baby to a constrictor snake.

15) Sami Saati and I throwing a paint can in a barrel fire in violation of the instructions on the label, causing a huge mushroom cloud.

16) Getting beaten up, spit on, shit on, glued, stabbed, sleep deprived, and tortured in various so-called hospitals accross the cityscapes I have occupied.

17) Sitting at the lunch table with curly blone shorthaired Alex Dotte, orangeredhaired Douglas Shuga, orangehaired Robert Carillo, brownhaired Christopher Sutherland, blondehaired Christopher Edwards, and brownhaired Kevin Beiri in 7th-8th grade in the Kealing Cafeteria.

18) Sitting at the Patton Elementary Lunch table with my father and enjoying a meal with him.

19) Long blonde straighthaired Macy Herwitz kicking me out of the advanced English program in 2.5nd grade, right after we moved to Austin, Texas from Bahrain, because we disagreed on the spelling of Pidgeon/Pigeon.

20) The orangehaired gigantic Arabic teacher at Ibn Khaldoun in 2nd grade rapping my knuckles with a ruler because my best friend Ibrahim convinced me to throw sand on her son’s foot, in front of the Muslim/Arabic class.

21) The green prickly pear cactus in our family home stabbing me in the leg hundreds of times with yellow needles at a distance when I walked past it.

22) Sitting in astronomy and watching the 9/11 attacks on the TV in 1st semester of senior year of high school. Almost everything that happened around that time and after through the television.

23) The red and silver sea creature lobster snail hybrid on the beach in Bahrain whose claw pinched my finger, and who I threw into the sea, afterwards.

24) Diana Haj Ali slapping the soles of my feet with a wooden spoon because I didn’t want to take a nap, or whatever reason she had in mind, whenever she did it.

25) The bee biting my lip when I was eating cotton candy at The University of Texas in the West Mall with my Baba, Riad.

26) Hunter punching me in the lip when I was playing soccer in 3rd grade at Patton Elementary field in Austin.

27) Visions of what happened hypothetically the night my father died.

28) All of the negative interactions I have ever had with police officers arresting me and trying to beat me and haze me to death related to me or someone else dialing 911 on the phone.
a) When they knocked on my door and took me to “shoal creek” on Enfield and put me in scrubs and blamed a medical malpractice on me.
b) The five times they took me to Austin Lakes Hospital:
I.) Arrested me after tackling me and making my body look weird because I was looking at my smartphone
II.) Arrested me because I called claiming my stairs were grinding me up (huge A/C fans make them vibrate)
III.) Arrested me because my neighbors were in a domestic dispute and I called on them
IV.) Arrested me because I called minor emergency when I was lost and my phone was out of batteries
V.) Arrested me because I couldn’t pull over in a car because there was no shoulder on 1st street to pull over.
c) The time they took me to the hospital from in front of Gold’s Gym, when I tried leaving my parents’ home because life had turned into a simulant hell.
d) The time they took me to the hospital because my guardian inching in on my life had driven me to the brink and I stripped naked and ran out of the house.
e) The they arrested me and threw me in jail because I was too sick to drive myself to the court attache for competency training which I did not even need for two sessions in a row, since I had already learned it all in Government class at UT.

29) Whatever I just read and watched and heard on tv/computer on any given night.

30) Being someone else’s memory

31) Being fed to a komodo dragon by that tall whitehaired cop that looks like monsieur from La Petit, or a pilot, or a swimming pool pervert, or the man who pulled over Diana Hajj Ali’s car when she was speeding with 18-wheelers ripping by on the left, or that guy in Japan who fed little Koala-shaped chocolates to me and my sister, Rita. Since that day he fed me to the beast, komodo dragons appearing translucently, everywhere.

32) My mother trying repeatedly to kill me

33) Jet planes running their engines all around

34) Objects appearing and disappearing when they’re not expected to be there, or be gone

35) Baba Riad and Hasan tying the dog to the big silver tree in the back yard with a big red, rusty chain, and I didn’t know what the dog had done wrong

36) The first cigarette I ever smoked, with Naira and Ash at Centerpoint, Texas, when I was helping them to look after all the people there who were having trouble living.

37) Scary Rita Hamad from Bahrain beating me up and torturing me.

38) Eddie asking me to scratch his back in a sleepover in 4th/5th grade.

39) My new mama in Bahrain feeding me Marmalade on toast dipped in Nescafe.

40) Baba giving me shoulder rides.

41) Nice mama Rita in Bahrain feeding me soft boiled eggs.

42) Bleeding red, over and over again, for the crazy nurses.

43) I thought I had already written this, before, but poking the caterpillar with a silver branch from the tree when I was barely born, at La Petite, not knowing what a stick was, what a caterpiller was, and what would result.

44) Diana Hajj Ali twisting my ears and shouting, ” 7a shammit daynayk”

45) Pulling the red rubber ball off of Abdullah Janahi’s paddle ball and getting in trouble for it.

46) The big lady at La Petite telling me to eat spinach.

47) The time I was biking home from school and a fly went into my throat and I choked on it.

48) Playing with the toy airplane the hostess gave to me in a complementary backpack on the Tokyo, Japan Cathay Pacific flight.

49) Dinner with Sarah Skipwith’s parents.

50) The coach in Patton Elementary School hitting me in the head with a basketball.

All of these memories, over and over again.
These are all often that much worse because of the constant repetition, of rights and wrongs.

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