For Rent: Temporary Use of High Bandwidth Tube


In terms of data density used to generate this message for you, this post is just a pallet of bits that was rotated and geometrically translated in a highly organized particle/wave fashion, in order to to send you this EXACT message and in this EXACT modus of transmission, comlete with LASERs, over a great distance.

A lot of people don’t like reading, but text is more efficient than most other mediums of transmission. Aside from physical media like hair and ejaculate (procreation transfers about 1587GB in about 3 seconds), the only think that comes close in terms of boonality is technologies founded upon convergently evolved technologies (things like “Bow & Arrow”, or “Pyramid”, or in this case, “Writing”). The internet is one such revision, from cave paintings, to stone tablets, to papyrus scrolls, to handwritten books, to industrialized books, to typewriters, to compuers, to the internet. That is to say, a single blob of ejaculatory fluid contains more information stored in DNA form than every letter of text I have ever read in my entire life.

Just remember the rules of conservation of difficulty: Where it is very easy to do a great deal, a great deal of work has been hidden within the event packaging, and where it is very hard to do a great deal, a great deal of work hasn’t been done by everyone else.

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