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Can we do a “governmental regulation map” using a top down view of all the businesses in a city, and see which governmental agency is in control of their practices by in a pop up list next to the building? Can we then cross section with BBB reports of what bad business practices the companies undertake? Then, we could look for missing coverage on bad practices, and then take steps to make a list of suggested regulations for the businesses. I feel this would fix the corporate poor-quality intifadah, making them all better for the community.

Restaurants are regulated a certain way. Medical facilities are regulated a certain way. White collar business offices have different sets of regulations. Government jobs are different, still. It would be cool to see what safety or process regulations are in place as a result of what government law or act, and what agencies are responsible for enforcing suggestions, taking complaints, and then acting to moderate the business’ behavior.

We need more and better civilian regulatory agencies. I have too much experience as an Autocrat, allowing me to know how hard that is to do things without friends.

I used to mutter ideas like this to my friends and myself all the time, before my brain was cut from my body by blacksite doctors. They used to swipe flesh-permiable lasers across my brow and make me wince, and do emp bombs in my skull with “machine-tethered thermometers”… I should not have snuck into maximum security quarantine. They flagged me as belonging there, and updated my procedural treatment to maximum terrorist, accordingly. The people I met there, and what I saw, scarred my psyche permanently.

Help the man whose fear impulses are wired to kinetic force energy pulses that kill threats to break open a prison and release the imprisoned subjects there? Or help the branch of military with invisibility cloaks and sniper rifles break into and sabotage a tech installation? Both need to happen at once. If only the team points were reversed…

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