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  1. […] Real World Parallels Spitting on an ignorant piece of shit is just going to anger them into fighting you, but 20 or so hard hitting mother fuckers is just about enough to solve everyone’s problem in the blink of an eye. 5,000 to 1 odds is just about overdoing it, and my definitive response to lynch mobs is a lynch mob for every member of the lynch mob, in exact proportion to the size of the original mob for each of the original lynchers, simultaneous and preemptive to their attempt to lynch again and again, never decreasing beyond the maximum size of the original mob, until 5,000 against 1 becomes 5,000 against 5,000^2, which eventually becomes nothing against 5,000^2. How about those odds? I am, of course, simply a statistician and strategist, and hold no real power in mortal, human combat. I am, in fact, no more than a weakling and nerd, grasping at straws, and hoping for blessings to eliminate obscenely powerful forces in my environment that are bent on the death of all things as they relate to me, in particular. I am the member of no clique or cabal, I am alienated from almost 100% of the fine and friendly, nonviolent peers I have ever cherished, and all this is the sad delusion of a tired and old man who only hopes to see his friends’ faces and hear their voices and share in happy and lighthearted stories before he inevitably dies and gets restocked in the aquarium of life before little Diana comes home and finds she has neglected her pet again and it has died of unnatural causes which continue to presage the need for infinite body doubles for the purpose of serially continuing the miserable life of the creature that God didn’t forget to torment for the entirety of its futile existence. That being said, this probably couldn’t even be done reliably because of space considerations. Just try clicking this sentence for a practice explanation. […]

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