Current Events: Media Dearth (NSFW)


If you’re unsatisfied with your video download options, try downloading additional media players and codecs, like DivX, VideoLan’s VLC player, the K-Lite package (R.I.P Kazaa), and Matroska. It might open up new media for your perusal.

If a movie seems to be running a little slowly at home or at the theater, it may be because HTML 5 video has the ability to run video frames and audio and effects at a fraction of the regular speed. So if you are watching Google’s Youtube in HTML 5 mode (there are online guides explaining how to do this, which I won’t mention here), you can double the speed of your video, or decrease it by half, and the player will adjust the speed without skipping or reloading.

This could be useful in picking up the pace when watching slow movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, or normalizing jittery action scenes or off-tempo actors, when editing.
Auto-loaded, pre-selected streams of Flash and HTML 5 aren’t the future, by any means. I miss having the authority to view the download size of .MPEGs or .AVIs with a thumbnail and text description before being forced to download; poster analysis and flavor, and user rated comments are what made the internet favorable in comparison to TV.
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