Break Me off a Piece of That


Before petabytes, there were terabytes. Before terabytes, there were gigabytes. Before gigabytes, there were megabytes. Before megabytes, there were kilobytes. Before kilobytes, we probably should have measured in hectobytes and decabytes. Before that, there were just bytes. Within bytes, we should probably be measuring in deci- centi- milli- micro- nano- femto- and pico- bytes. Whether or not this is even possible is questionable, because in some cases, a byte cannot be divided further, physically, and still maintain supraself similarity within the current transistor electron-wave hardware paradigm. And that’s just octal. Which is all rather convoluted. A byte is just a collection of 8 bits, which are didecimal, as the progression of computation is ostensibly based upon increasingly-large, power-of-two, on-or-off mathematical ordering. Originally, everyone just had units, which were transferrably interchangeable one-numbered things. Before any of that rot, there was filthy fucking sex, howling at stupid shit, and spelunking, which was all rather fashionable and worked for a very long time.

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