Betray Not Those Who Kill To Teach, For Their Lesson Are Endless

Lord Shiva

A synopsis I produced of sensory dissonance I was exposed to at one of my hospice respites follows.
Methods of MysLeading SomeOnes, OR: How I Got Lost, Got Cheated, and Got Fooled

  • Pheremone/Musk spraying to misdirect smell and attract predators and paracites
  • Obscured/occluded vision to misdirect sight
  • Personagal simulation to misdirect identification
  • Variable lights on variable surfaces projected and reflected to misdirect natural substance cognition
  • Sound vibrations to misdirect hearing location and physical presence
  • Movement acceleration at high velocities to prevent reticular training
  • Animal/Plant toxins to delay and accelerate physiological functions
  • Holographic hard light and soft light images to denature existential trust
  • Doped food to deny healthful ingestion of nutrients for healthful growth
  • Distraction and misdirection of subject of conversation or thought or work to avoid resolution
  • Chemical spraying to kill individuals and environments
  • Light color wave interferometry to destroy biological elements
  • Genetic crossbreeding, seed theft, and malgenic growth imbalance inculcation to harbor in weaknesses
  • SubAtomic machine assembly to create computers and industrial strength objects out of the unseen
  • Spoken phonemic and semantic and cultural and linguistic coded speech grammars to inculcate calculated antiproductive speech patterns along matricular lines
  • Psycholinguistic emotional fallacies in presentation of cause and effects in natural physical systems
  • Magnetic geometric currents and waves and moments along all possible axes to enforce and deforce movement and thought and life of all kinds
  • Fractaly mapped webs of traps, roadways, structures, and other schema and paradigms built along less-than-zero-sum mathematical models in order to extract maximum substance from the mazed ones
  • Emotional discomfort without the ability to act upon it in order to seed hopelessness and weakness of will
  • Terror of the self and of harming of the self by other forcing the self to harm itself
  • Fear and lack of fear in the face of the harmeless and the dangerous, so as to build fatalism and helpless determinism into the ones internal systemics
  • Regret for things that happened outside of one’s control, in order to shame onesselves into charity for their suprapressors
  • Ugly glasses that have screws that can hold a current accross the eyeballs in order to generate blindness
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