“Be Excellent to Each Other”

Chemical Order and Entropy

Always keep cause and effect in mind so that you can ensure the best effect.

Always keep roots of thought in mind so that you can determine the best elements of reality to rearrange in order to produce desired causes for desired effects.

It is within your power to make the world a better place.

Great care is required in this endeavor in order to keep all life happy; in essence, most people can’t even keep themselves happy, much less a group of others.

At it’s root, this advice pertains to the mitigation of entropic forces and the growth of positive-growth-natured, ordered forces.

Negative-growth-entropy is the ideal to be avoided. The only thing worse than NOT working in the pathway of order, is MAKE WORK that only results in waste of negative entropically destroyed things.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to handle this burden. It’s as easy as cleaning up a spill when it’s still wet using a paper towel instead of letting it dry and spending a whole 3 minutes scraping at a stain. Good luck!

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