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Illuminati Murders

Introduction to binary bartering and waterfall lending:

Binary Bartering
I give you two things that are good for me and you, and good for themselves together. You give me two things that are twice as good for me and you, and twice as good for themselves together. We take turns in who barters the good thing and who barters the twice as good thing, over and over, until all of our properties are twice as good, or we run out of things to barter.

Most of you, by now, know about my exuberance with increasing binomial functions linearly, exponentially, and then introducing futher expantions with generalized equations so as to produce an arbitrarily-graded increase with each supersequent increase, so as to generate the greatest possible comutual benefit for all, in all poseable and probeable, and possible and proaptable (also probable (sic) and propeaptable) barters.
Capital Greek Letters with 4 radially oriented terms rule the roost of the hands; Wild card thumbs


X [x^n]

*Gennerdalerizing the iyaygeneralizing.
 Some of you may be familiar with the use of the capital Greek character Sigma, for summations. Perhaps other Greek letters could be used in place of Sigma, or in the case above, X, for describing different sequences and series resulting from things like subtraction, multiplication, and powers, and any combination of those operators upon a given sequence or series. Any function can be “center pinned” as such with dependent functions to the right.
Goody goody (gumdrops)/(gum drops) goody goody (gumballs/gum balls).


x-(1/10x) | x = all wealth and amount subtracted goes to government and charitee at a 8.0125<->1.9875 split; on the condition that the money is to be paid back within five hours of the date of one week, inclusive; all successful paybacks lead to further increases in lines of credit available from what remains of the x-(1/10th x)+(y%1/10th x) | y = the amount of wealth refunded.

 This WILL help determine the length of a week, social junkies, and payday is weekly, may I remind you.
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