Banging on Heaven’s Doorstep


I think the PRIMARY reason people love [super hero movies] is that [the main character] is [always] on [video [game] like [quests]] that [bear] [confusing similarity] to [reality] [at the time the movie was released].

That being said, I haven’t seen Warcraft yet, and probably won’t without a collector’s edition release (graphical patches, behind the scenes footage, digital movie soundtrack, et cetera).

The Blizzard Overwatch property seems rarin’ effin’ fightin’ for an animated series, as it looks like Blizzard has implemented a fantastically detailed comic book webseries and cgi short background for the characters over the course of the game’s release. I expect a patch update at some point that will make all of these great videos available in game once they’re done being rendered and bitmapped and anti-aliased and shadowed and light balanced and color saturated and textured and rasterized and whatever the hell else goes into creating these little michrofiche stained images that we all read into so much on a daily basis.

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