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Bebiendo Cicuta – Socrates

Is there a Sigma [Pi Kappa] (Σ[πκ]) frat for PC gamers and mathematicians focusing on microcosmal software virtualization investigations for realism and physical fidelity?

Focuses would include:
1) Database search of metaphysical-universal, semantically-static objects via tagging and set theory and filing, using various sorting and classification algorithms such as midpoint, sequential, alphabetical, chronological, contextual, and so on;
2) Dimensional Analysis Paired with Difference Engines so as to measure and respond effectively to a field of science known as “Tensor Flow” when dealing with measurable physical properties. Specialties might include sonar, cameras, measurement studies, and hectically fast mathematical calculation;
3) Modelling and scanning of objects and artwork into virtual worlds and simulations;
4) Manufacturing and design of components used in virtual simulation hardware;
5) LAN Parties where media related to frat activities and interest groups are shared with the rest of the frat so as to rally support for sharing in ideas and participating in intrafraternal community work;
6) Lab work in hard sciences dealing with all of the above, so as to generate effective working habits as related to all applicable scientific fields of study, with the intended goal of diminishing and mitigating critical failures that might otherwise lead to harm, by storing the working elements of the undertaken activities in quantum-scale microcosms that are more safely interacted upon (Exempli grati: Sending a risky dating request on a smartphone instead of a personal computer).

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