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Thanks for the spying relevancy and delivery, Digg. It always weirds me out when my doodles and diagrams hit my social media front pages days or weeks later.

This is what I found waiting for me on Digg a few days after getting out of the hospital:
I wanted a 12 channel instrument synthesizer with individually controlled volumes and layer effects and characterizers and outputs for each instrument, with the two additional laterally-supported channels reserved for summation and after-effects and volume leveling of and outputting of the collected sound and characterization choices to software and media generation.


I then got sidetracked trying to design the pathways for the first few channels with voltages represented as beans and berries and grains denoted by geometrically distinct symbols (one button turns it into noodles, another button turns it into floured dumplings), and because all they had was 8×11 paper and 3 inch long pencils with a handful of gross-colored markers.
This was the first drawing I made (it’s sideways):



























I was working on a personal, private device, but Digg delivered a mass-produced wonder based on what I was drawing in the room. So much for opportunity. So much for HIPAA compliance. When my words, writings, and ideas are lifted from me in such a fashion, I lose hope that I will ever be able to achieve anything on my own. No one ever got rich working for someone else or buying their way through life.


This was the third drawing I made (it’s upside down):


Of course, I wasn’t even spared my life, or my immortal soul for these drawings.

Edit, 03/15/2015:


IP Theft. This should have stayed at UT.…/the-chemistry-3d-printer…/

Pay me or else stop looking over my shoulder, Federalists.

When soda fountain desires trend to chemical fascistry in the CHICAGO area, I know who to blame. FUCK ‘EM THEY’RE BLACK SITE CRIMINALS.

They didn’t even do it right. The tube length was supposed to relate to temperature and other variables with emission pans… and the tube composition was supposed to be unique and chemically significant, not these shitty plastics and glasses that get used in everything. They also used hand twist valves instead of software-controlled, motorized solanoid pressure-valves. What a load of shit. I’m furious. Also: Molecules? Bullshit. It was for mixtures and solutions with unique shapes and compositions and properties from different treatments of activity and ingredients. They didn’t even project to the next idea I was going to implement, which was a second pipe above the hoppers, to mix exact amounts of the active ingredients to make different derivatives, or include functions along those pipes in order to pre-treat before arrival from the hoppers into the processors. I’m not even sure they set up the conduits and pipes and processors to vibrate, rotate, manipulate, heat, and em pulse the substances being inserted.

A video also came out today about an old east Asian guy making oil from recycled plastics. This could be an alternative to solar power for you, if you got a generator

This is the second time I’ve got wind of Digg copying me on this design. Digg is working with the local socially fascists media corps. to steal ideas from persons of interest and the hospitalized victims of police brutality to draw from completely and publicize everything about a person in order to generate limited revenue and trade them for favors and power and popularity. DIGG, FUCK YOU for stealing the original idea and sharing it. FUCK YOU for actually building it and sharing again. Thieves. Criminals. Slavers. Monsters. You deserve to be buried alive. /Digg

How do I block a popular social media website from literally stealing my drawings…? Am I BONDED STOCK, FOR FUCK’S SAKE?!?!?!


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