…And Now for Something Eggs-plicitly Different

God-Tier Curry

Papaya Curry prepared in a wok with a variety of ingredients. Contents include grilled papaya strips, rough-cut tomatoes, soba soup stock, mushroom creme, coconut milk, side-cut carrots, cubed potatoes, mushroom slices, whole cashews, chili powder, black, red & white peppercorns, sliced onion, curry paste, cumin, diced jalapeno, chicken base paste, tofu chunks (substitute actual grilled chicken), soy sauce, wok oil, and soft-boiled egg.

The bed of Jasmine rice underneath was steamed in a rice cooker with cracked brazil nuts, miso paste, canola oil, mushroom, and a cup of yesterday’s Arabic tea.

For the record, it’s virtually impossible to peel soft-boiled eggs by hand, in time, to keep them simultaneously presentable and warm. I could spend an entire episode of  Iron Chef  peeling perfectly-timed eggs in succession, and not get a single one correct due to the gel chaos in the physical structure. The egg either has to be quenched in cold water or left out to cool in order to get the shell off easily, but then it wouldn’t be piping hot and delicious.

Iron Chef Morimoto would be disappointed in the appearance and cut the flavor by cooking a minute longer to help it solidify. Iron Chef Sakai would say it tasted better with less cooking time, and leave it looking a little gangsta. As prepared, the soft-boiled tasted good and looked shameless. I even left a grain of rice on it in the picture, hoping that it would be mistaken for a fly, leaving me to eat my meal in peace without the risk of losing it to a hungry onlooker.

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