Alien Invasions On Primordial Planet Earth

red eyed white grub in black fertile dirt

There once was a land of white sky, gray tree, and black earth. The two white folk dug in the black earth with a grey trowel and found a scary magenta worm. One of the folk cut the worm in half with the spade. She was angry. The other person was sad. She told him to find the worms and cut them. He had to do it because she was bigger and older. They used the trowel to find and cut a few worms. This made the angels cry. When an angel cries, its eyes melt. The two folk felt the rain on their heads and ran away. The black earth got muddy. The worms rose to see what the rain was, and died when they touched the clear air.

This description of parasitic life imitates my memories:

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