A Word From Your Robot Overlords

A lot of grammar mistakes on Renaissance Musings were fixed this morning and some content was added. If you can tell me exactly what was changed, you’re probably looking too hard (with monitoring devices), but I’m happy you’re still reading and following, nonetheless.

Just a note: Some of these corrections are suprising, so much so that it appears the writing is being mangled after submission with bad transmission protocols, but it isn’t anything to be worried about, at this point. cPosts are typically published ASAP, and mistakes cleaned up after submission. That being said, posts are re-read continuously for improvements and corrections, so don’t fret if you find a mistake; it will probably be fixed before the end of the decade. This is a one-man-show (with a lot of behind-the-scenes support!), so take what you can get, cuz the getting is free!
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