A Little Turbulence in The Land of The Renaissance


We need a check for unsurvivably inserted items when regenerating universes, every time before the restocking schema bustle into place, to catch deadly items that are reintegrated into the environment by reality generators. (From the observations of my sequential perception and personal harm schema). Ruffiage that is harmful that gets selected out MUST be sequestered and kept away from the main society, given everything it needs in order to restitutionalize itself into the whole community as quickly as humanly possible.

If you don’t have enough mass to approximate this in large enough quantities, use sky to make any universe you want freeze into being and then quickly melt out of existence like an Austin, Texan snow man or highway power line em-blade…(at least I think that’s how it works, when I can feel the power lines passing through my body, and see ghostly incorporeal images that last only a second or two).

I don’t want [[[[single-stream], [crush-compaction]] [[[[garbage] and [recycling]] service]]]]. I want waste from individually purchased and found items to be assessed and returned to manufacturer with each purchase for everything that is bought or found (Possibly with UPCs or QR Codes).


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